Infoseite // 5.1 surround sound in Adobe Premiere 1.5 or 2.0

Frage von fankhaus:

Hi Folks

I cut with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. now I have me a week ago purchased 5.1 for my PC!
nu I would mix my latest film in 5.1 surround synonymous. but I find nowhere ne manual or something.

can in general in the premiere?
can be synonymous to wander tones animerein (, voren box to the left of the left box to the rear for example)?

gruss Fankhaus


Antwort von Axel:

Use the search function, and as you come to this Surround precisely, and in such a way that he was more static, and thus remains present. That is, it is primarily a matter of distributing the atmosphere too. The dialogues remain in the center, everything else, are noise events and atmosphere, no live recordings, but are admixed.


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