Infoseite // 500,000 pixels 16:9 or 800,000 4:3 - which is better?

Frage von drtoilet:

Hello all together,

I must today evening to film a school performance. unfortunately, is one of the cameras broke down and now I barely get 2 of the school.

the two functional cameras to take in the 16:9 format, and the Endfilm to appear synonymous in the 16:9 format.

Now I have two cameras of choice:
[list] [*: 54cf0d709f] Canon MV400i with a resolution of 540,000 pixels - this takes but in the "on true" 16:9 format.
[*: 54cf0d709f] Panasonic NV-DS12 with a resolution of 800.000 Pixeln - this refers to only 4:3. So I would have to cut the top and bottom of the Picture "," reinzubringen ins around the 16:9 format. List [/ u: 54cf0d709f]

Now my question is: Which of the two cameras should I take? What holds less quality loss?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Antwort von nicecam:

Hello drtoilet,

There are certainly other experts in this forum, which you might better answer, since you still have received no responses, I'm trying times.

As I understand you, is to be with 3 cameras filmed?

"drtoilet" wrote: the two functional cameras to take in the 16:9 format, and the Endfilm to appear synonymous in the 16:9 format.
Basically, if you film cameras with different recording formats, then you can agree on the lowest common denominator. So if a camera is only 4:3, the others should be used synonymous in this format.

Now I know both of you not as a choice above cameras, but there is a 16:9, I advise on this when the film will be produced already in 16:9.
And do not forget the Pixelwahn.

If you have the time or times remains synonymous look into this thread, where I studied, among other things synonymous with this issue and did not have too much knowledge: = =

and eighth in last thread views on the contribution of Martin Dienert

The following contributions synonymous, I have found yet: DV production-in-16-9.html

But read through it all, you will probably not hurt you now because you're in the middle of most preparations.

How do you do that with the Synchronization of the cameras?
If you are triggering flash photo, all cameras must undergo, after re-flash trigger cassette change. You can subsequently synonymous with cutting sync using the audio tracks, if you view the waveform you can show.
Now I do not know what editing software you have.

In any case, my advice is to take the Canon MV400i, not probably is wrong.

And now do not be nervous, will go smoothly.

Have fun, and if there are any questions, then so forth.

Gruß Johannes


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