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50i 25p zu einem Video verbinden!

50i 25p connect to a video!

Frage von Tommy122:
Februar 2010

I think I've already read the entire board, but I only ever les when to use the 50i or 25p, and how it really worked!

But my question is how do I add the two recordings together in a video!
I film with a Canon XH A1, and means mainly in the tuning scene! The 90% I film cars! Let sit for my opinion s.besten the scene!
And I like movies as received on the highway or something in 25p! But detailed recordings of engines, etc. I'm filming in 50i because the effect is easily 100 times better!

My only question now is what do I need to get a perfect finished product?? Not I have to deinterlace 25p, 50i, but already, as I do that then the extract when I have both recordings? "I do not want to deinterlace the 25p with !
Some recordings 50i I want synonymous slowing to 50%! So slow motion! But again not all!

I hope you understand what I mean! Unfortunately I've not yet seen contributing where I can get ne correct answer to my question!

This video has made a buddy from the States and here we see the very nice mix 25p and 50i!


Antwort von tommyb:

Funny ... on highways, we have a lot of movement, as it would bring more what 50i. Again, details of recordings would be a progressive (and therefore a pseudo-detailed picture since no fields) recording better.

Hum hum hum ...

If you want to combine two important ways, then you have to be a 50i project to create and then shove the material. Any benefits of going here, however, lost 25p () except jerky motion.

Such material, however, I would NEVER mix, except that any story I want to emphasize things (such as shots here and now in 50i, recordings of the time-flashback in 25p, etc.).

Antwort von Tommy122:

I will just do the opposite!
The recordings on the highway are still very quiet! And the detail shots of engines, and interior space are supposed to be no stills but I'm constantly on the move!
If you look at the attached video you will see the synonymous my buddy from the U.S., the motors, etc. With normal 50i films and recordings on the highway, etc. with 25p!
And so I gefällts s.besten synonymous!
I am constantly with rollerblades when I go with 50i movies!

You say that I have to create it as a 50i project?? Hmmmm
It is not easy to communicate with nem Americans but he says I should create a project-25p and 50i recording slow down to 50%! Then would have to fit the s.besten!
However, my problem is that I will not even have everything in slow motion of the 50i!
Oh it's so hard to describe it ... I hope you understand me!

Antwort von Axel:

Yeah, it would actually be easier to leave everything in a 50i Project to - and in 50i include only synonymous - which was later deinterlacet to 25p. Jerking a slow-motion a la movie trailer is synonymous with 50i possible. The filter is usually something with time ... (... Such as posterization)

Exception: 50i is the exception. For a 25p timeline as the base is then advisable to deinterlace the 50i footage to 50p prior to import to. Then that would certainly no longer HDV 1080i, but that must not be an issue. It could be synonymous same time build some ramps outside of NLEs and imported as a finished 25p. Some NLEs are synonymous with framerates mix no problems at first. The problems can be later interlace artifacts. You have to test how your software can deal with it, maybe you have other than your buddy Ami.

Antwort von Tommy122:

I cut the time even with the magix! I hold of them anyway!

My mate separated from America with Final Cut Pro!

From next month I get me synonymous with the Final Cut Pro!
Ought to be the top program for it right?

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Since Magix runs only on Win my knowledge (correct me ...), I suppose you have a Windows Calculator. Final Cut is only available for OS X.

Antwort von Axel:

Do not know. Depends what you want to engage you. In Final Cut Pro, I would like convert to ProRes HDV to deinterlace the 50i footage to 50p, but flags with Cinema Tools as 25p. In a ProRes 25p timeline, it would therefore s.doppelte beginning of slow motion (and duration), of which one can vary even then. The advantage is that I'm not in the program of materials and the phases of the material or less "native", if not synonymous, the display time. Until we found has its own workflow that works, you need longer than intended in Magix.

Antwort von Tommy122:

"Surreptitious Michel" wrote:
Since Magix runs only on Win my knowledge (correct me ...), I suppose you have a Windows Calculator. Final Cut is only available for OS X.

Yes, I'm nen Windows Calculator!
The Imac comes next months with quad Prozesor etc.!

Antwort von tommyb:

If you look at the attached video you will see the synonymous my buddy from the U.S., the motors, etc. With normal 50i films and recordings on the highway, etc. with 25p!

Where can I see this?

Vimeo offers like any other Internet video service ONLY progressive material s.and not interlaced stuff.

Just to understand:
25p = 25 frames = 25 phases of motion of an object
50i = 50 fields = 50 Bewegungsphanes an object

The huge difference between 50i and 25p is simply the "fluid" of the movements.

Your buddy from the U.S. because of me turning the highways into 25p and make the "detailed views" in 50i therefrom SLOW-MOTIONS too. That is, the original 50 captured images per second, he plays with from 25 frames per second, so he tells you synonymous
He says I should create a project-25p and 50i recording slow down to 50%!

All that is synonymous with the Magix programs available, you just have to know how. A Final Cut will overwhelm at first because, though with Magix does not work ...

Antwort von Tommy122:

TommyB ............ it sounds to me as if I should be a 25p Project make !????

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

That you have the "buddy told" already ...

Antwort von Tommy122:

Yes Read the fine, but how can you write others to do the project I have a 50i!

looks like everyone does what he wants!; (

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