Infoseite // 50p in 25p (s.besten Avid)

Frage von megahias:

Hello dear people,

I have the following problem:
I'm with the EX3 rotated in 720 50p and would now like to combine with material of the 5d 1080 25p.

The problem is in the Avid it can be combined to me no different frame rates ...

Does ne one solution?

Is there a way to convert a format before?

Thank you and best regards

The monkey


Antwort von dagger_pca:

Ehm, was there not that all that stuff in AVID Project import format when converted ...?


Antwort von Axel:

Very interesting, had no Avid, so I'm interested academic. to put 25p in a 50p timeline is certainly not very useful. But, conversely, should lead to the loss of just one phase, so that is 50p to 25p, without stress. This is not to go?

Or did you want the motion 50p in a 25p timeline as slow to use? That would have been simpler. The EX3 has indeed extra slow-motion function (blue), in which a higher frame rate for the recording "as" 24 or 25p is written on the card ...


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