Infoseite // 550D Black / White - recording. Or direct mail?

Frage von hansdebuhr:

Hi folks,

next week will make a short promotional film. The whole thing should be black and white. I just wonder which one gives better results. Either directly in the film monochrome mode, the 550D or better adapt the whole thing in the PP?

Does anyone have experiences in this area?



Antwort von sebwiegmann:

Hi Hans,

s.deiner point, I would definitely turn in Color and then create the post in your S / W Picture.

That way you can more influence over the look and safety still have the color pictures in the rear, if it be used again. This option I would of not wish to deprive the outset.

Sin City for example, is so synonymous been rotated in Color and has received his post later in the S & W look. :-)



Antwort von hansdebuhr:

Yes, thanks for the confirmation. So I had planned synonymous, was just unsure whether it may not yet delivers better results if you shot directly in sw ... thx!


Antwort von Tuffy:

If you directly S / W you turning directly synonymous throws away color information in the mail wodruch You can only change the contrast / brightness.
If you still have the color, you can achieve different weights and then maybe cooler results (eg, the blue channel of dark / light to emphasize the sky, etc.)

In the post is definitely a good decision, I think synonymous not want you to clean or fewer artifacts aufnimmst if you renounce the Color.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

No even with RAW (digital) pictures you should always take the path of EBV in contemplative.

Shooting at SLR (DIA or negative) because you can then access to B / W films back ala Ilford and Co. # 429 367 if you go visit, as I once demonstrated the difference in what happens when you Progi his choice simply "desaturated" only the picture or how it looks when you work something finer.

If it is really an advantage to expose previously in Color and later adapted sepperate color channels and processed.

B. DeKid


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