Infoseite // 550d problem after firmware update with video recording

Frage von stl:

, Moin

I have kind of a weird problem for a few hours with my 550d. I had until yesterday to firmware 1.0.8 on it and had no problems with the video recording when I swung the kamara and have zoomed synonymous I always had an immediate sharp one. since I just got my 1.0.9 firmware on it done as soon as I isses so the panning or zoom etc I have a blurry picture and it does not automatically synonymous fokosiert although autofokos's inside.

jmd possibly could help me with this problem?

greet stl


Antwort von Filmo:

You're in possession of a special model?
I mean, the Cam has focused on the movie mode alone, with no finger on the trigger?? And quickly into the bargain? Wow!

Too bad, my 60D can not do it :-( (


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