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Frage von PeterStorm:

Good evening,

can someone help me with my problem may be banal?

I have a 5D MK2 with current Magic Lantern Software and wants to control my sound through headphones. As the only connection I find the related A / V Out. It's booming, but only animal.

How are you?

Thanks for your advice



Antwort von B.DeKid:

External Mixer EB ;-)
External fuel source such as recording Dat or MD:

PS: the sound is good for all VDSLR Cams nothing! Grottig!


Antwort von PeterStorm:

Erstmal Thanks for the reply.

Thus, the MK2 definitely has no direct output for headphones and I am not only too stupid to mini clinch connection or the setting ( "Walk miraculously A / V Out to Headphone"), see the menu?

Do you mean just the sound through the built-in microphone or scrap synonymous with the use of an external mic?


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