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Frage von Dragon Fly:

Please read and try to help me
to the sheriff that I will because I need to get something else? (To screw anything on it? Eg Hoya or B & W clear glass filter (UV filter)?

So I would now get all so

Canon 5D mark II
(Lens? = Go I do not read know which would be suitable for me)
and LCDVF display magnifying hood fCanonEOS 5D Mark II

DSLR Cinema Bundle

microshoulderMount Deluxe Bundle

Litepanels Micro Kit (LED camera light)

Question 1
Is it worth it to get out super high quality?

Question 2
What Tripod should I buy me this? (So I can set up once synonymous with or without the Cinema Bundle)

Question 3
Should I order everything from the dealers where I have each shared the link? or there is synonymous German sites where you can order it?

Question 4
The DSLR Cinema Bundle (for now it's worth it AT ALL) which "Lensgear" Do I need for my The objective should I get?

Question 5 Which Lens? =)

ask for your opinion it worth it for good music videos? (I want to turn all of 1-2 weeks a complex;)

and whom should I change something in the order I ask to write it I'm waiting Namely still answer a few days on the forum I do not now blind on it and go buy everything was wrong: D

ps we want to turn those videos (yes bushido - it is here only about the quality)



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Gude Dragon Fly

It would have been nice if you had the vorran previous thread from the DSLR forum link

This gives the people here ne idea of what you are looking for and need.

Otherwise, welcome to the forum.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Dragon Fly:

Ok true're right:) Thank you but hey I may call you maybe tonight or something? Skype me no preference because I wanted my things this week (no preference what I am ultimately) Order.

Would be very grateful! Synonymous and thank you for the forum:)



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Drop me a PM with numbers then I'll call you later (19 - 20h) times s.geht clear.

However, remember to give the other synonymous can advise you.
But as through your project before NEN still some questions will come in the near future, are ever good hands here.


@ All

Time as a summary

DragonFly is musician

He wants to make music videos.

As equipment suggestions he has heard so far


MF Lenses FB as M42 / AIs Mount
AF Zoom Lenses 11-16, 24 - 70,

Cameras, he would like to use 5D Mark II
He proposed with 550D or 60D or enter GH2

Manfrotto Tripods Manfrotto 936Pro Tripod or - because there is no money for Sachtler.

Light we have given him a head light for the scenic stuff nothing good for the right light it in front of continuous light needs

Instead, he was already advised Glidecam Slider.


I think it would be nice if some people turn the music videos it perhaps time to post their stuff on which he sees it synonymous with little can be great.

Are already NEN few people who tümmeln here to rotate and Music Videos.


B. DeKid


Antwort von dirkus:

Ultimately expect always comes down to which claims it has itself s.das video and what the client or the audience (with music videos so the fans) of the whole. There are many ways to "enhance" his shooting style can (eg by crane or camera movements, Choice of Location and performer, a great story etc). Some productions make rather simple, however inadequate or even totally shaky and blurred images of the actual stimulus. Ultimately you must find out for yourself and the depending on what the purse hergibt Sun synonymous times can improvise.

Topics (which you can take Lenses, etc) available here on Slashcam yes enough!

With the 5D you can really capture "send pictures! However, my experience to see all the videos s.einer some time ago by the look (uswegen the extreme depth of field) somehow always the same. One should therefore consider carefully whether you want to focus its entire production really only on this camera.

I myself prefer to work with the 7D because the look is more neutral and halt the cam is varied by einsetztbar. Most data effects are already made in post production.


Antwort von Dragon Fly:

This, for example with 550D and Mark 2 rotated


Antwort von dirkus:

If you like the look of these cameras, then the first time productions do it!

In order to make his first experience these things are really great. Man gets nearly always indicates something that at least looks somewhat "professional".

However, only in the initial phase! At the latest after 3-4 videos all productions always look the same, because people often forget the trappings - as synonymous in the linked video.

You can with the 5D theory, turning a neat video on the living room or outside the front door ... because sink all the details in the small black and in the depth of field, the disadvantage is simply the that everything looks like sometime just the same "great" .


Antwort von Piers:

@ Dragon Fly

Your question suggests that you have to little to noErfahrung in video. Before you spend ¬ 5000-6000 for equipment I would give you the following advice:

Dir of lending to a friend / acquaintance just any video camera and a tripod out. You turn so you within 1-2 weeks sophisticated video, as much as you're planning synonymous later. The video then you ask here for discussion and the bokeh we think of it here in the forum.

If you can do that without the video will be torn down to the last frame here, and only then think you should have thought of thy Invest.

I, as a non-musician would not in fact run out, I buy two guitars, NEN bass, a drum set and a couple of Marshalls, NEN then every two weeks to produce Metallica track.

Just my two cents.


Antwort von dirkus:

Well, I would recommend him with nerve 550d kit and begin the 50 Standard Lens. Only with private Eqipement you have the peace and the time to try something and test it. These are all in all, still below 1000 ¬ investment.
Collecting a few months experience, he looks so, if what is for him and whether the reactions to his movies as he hopes so.

I would recommend to borrow only when he needs something really professional, which he desperately for a (paid) production needed, can not afford it.



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