Infoseite // 6-7 hours video on a DVD-9 to bring?

Frage von Delpea:


I have a video clip of saulangen approximately 6.5 hours, which I soon on a Video DVD along with the menu wants to burn. My question now: if I am a classical video DVD, I am not around 2 discs to burn. Even if DVD-9 to say double-layer DVDs are used, which each hold a maximum of 8.5 GB .. I will not put everything you can. But I do absolutely everything on a disc would like to bring, I wonder now whether there are now more effective compression methods exist. Finally, MPEG-2 a few years old. Sure, I could like anything in H.264, divx or xvid codec burn. on the other hand, however, that these file menu neither structural nor Chaptering support for this video is essential.
The mkv format which comes pretty close. However, few of mkv or no traditional DVD player supports. Who has an idea, as I so much material on a dvd-9 disc to bring. Something like me to say how important file:

1. Menu Structure
2. Chaptering
3. Ideally, a low quality loss (compared with mpeg2-compression of a video-dvd)
4. compatibility with most popular DVD players

wär super if I could help somebody else.
look forward to feedback!




Antwort von B.DeKid:


Simple Mach 3 DVDs
If you click the menu "Tools such as" Picture will appear with "Insert second DVD a"

Maybe you can dasd oeuvre as synonymous (M) - S / VCD format, perhaps it will fit on the DVD.
Also known as XVID, it would fit the menu, but would then have access to individual clips.

B. DeKid


Antwort von tommyb:

To what video is it?

You could still try for example with the Cinema Craft Encoder 2pass in procedures at the appropriate size. If there is a dark theater, it should not be a problem.


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