Infoseite // 720p/50 recording at full frame 1920x1080 CCDs

Frage von herrwalter:


I once had a general question about the recording system in 720p/50. As I'm sitting s.einer work and can not find this info. I ask myself what the internal Sonypassiert with a broadcast camera like the PDW 700 of which with three full-frame progressive 2 / 3 "sensor size of 1920x1080 pixels is fitted if the recording format is selected 720p/50?

Can someone explain to me what happened in the camera? If only part of the CCDs used or held an internal format conversion? Thank you and

closely matches with regards



Antwort von tommyb:

It is read and progressive runterskaliert. Nothing more.


Antwort von herrwalter:

Thanks, prolonged deliberation probably synonymous, the only solution, as only one part of the CCD is actually a total nonsense. Do you know if the whole synonymous happened right after the read out, before all procedures such as gamma or knee or only shortly before the recording on the disc?


Antwort von TheBubble:

It would be good (a real answer, of course, can only give someone with inside knowledge of the relevant device scaling) first, as this reduces' the amount of pixels to be processed.


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