Infoseite // 720x576 AVIs provided with 16:9 flag or not?

Frage von Methosalem:


I found ScenalyzerLive with the option to set the flag to 16:9. Subsequently, the films displayed as captured by the media player and VLC synonymous than 16:9. On my HTPC with XBMC the vids will still appear with 4:3 (probably a matter of adjustment (?)).

Since I have a 16:9 LCD, now wonder whether it would be advisable to set the flag to 16:9, or whether one (s) tuen that should not ... Instead, and others (for review) should go through to bring the vids to 16:9.

Your thoughts?


Antwort von tommyb:

You should contact him, because unlike the other players can XBMC internal decoder to read the 16:9 flag (see VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.).

If you have the opportunity to integrate ffdshow in XBMC, then prefer to work in ffdshow and there create a profile which is based on "IF> THEN" commands respond.

That would be:
If DV codec ==>> yes
If Aspect Ratio 16:9 == yes
then load profile and alters under Resize Resolution.

So I do that with MediaPortal and it works very well.


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