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8mm Video Kassette kaputt

8mm video cassette Broken

Frage von Harris:
August 2006

Well, I've got a Super 8 as 6 years old video cassette from my school days. Since super funny pictures are on it and therefore if it were real nice if we could still be saved.

The problem is when I play the tape with my camera, completely distorts the picture. Only when I fast forward the picture is normally only occur with the Schlieren stop just stop when the coils. And the sound does not play, unfortunately, synonymous.

This is especially because of the camera, with which I have received the tape, broke down after that, or perhaps through the tape. The camera is probably the tape made somehow broken. My former teacher said that somehow the track is moved or something. What exactly did my teacher so I know not synonymous, at least was still tied 1A as I have looked at it shortly after the recording.

My question now would be, is the tape still be saved. If so, how and who or which company can I remove the tape? I would be synonymous whatever the cost, because there are really funny scenes on it: D

Antwort von Markus:

"Harris" wrote:
My former teacher said that somehow the track is moved or something.

This assumption is natural, because if they are maladjusted the track position of a camcorder, the recordings were not properly recorded or played.

If the tape had been recorded conform with the standards and has adjusted only after the track position of the camcorder, then you can play back the tape with any other camcorders of the same video system. Or with the same camcorder after its repair.

However, the recording was made with maladjusted track position, you have either the same or maladjusted camcorder with the reproduction or shall entrust ran a specialized professional company that has a recorder so long blocked until it can correctly reflect the appropriate tape. Such services can easily cost 100 ¬ and more, because something is very costly.

But it could be synonymous, that the track position is in order, but the tape recorded in long play was. If your camcorder can not play long play recordings, it also comes to such disturbances. In this case, would satisfy a simple copying. - For now copying and / or digitizing I were one of the possible contact ( behrendt.tv). Der price ist abhängig of der Laufzeit and dem Zielmedium. Einen ersten Anhaltspunkt findest Du in meiner Preisliste.

"Harris" wrote:
behrendt.tv). Der price ist abhängig of der Laufzeit and dem Zielmedium. Einen ersten Anhaltspunkt findest Du in meiner Preisliste.

Super8 ... DVD ...
behrendt.tv). Der price ist abhängig of der Laufzeit and dem Zielmedium. Einen ersten Anhaltspunkt findest Du in meiner Preisliste.

Super8 was a chemical-based film format. 8mm video systems are Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. The first two are analogous to the last - who would have suspected it by name - digitally. ;-)

Antwort von harris:

Thought the Super 8 and 8mm would be the same.

The tape was recorded erstmal normal. Could even look at just normal shortly after the recording. Few days later came only s.and our teacher said that we have broke his camera and did it the broken camera, the tape synonymous broken.

So the tape does not seem to definitely be because s.meiner Camera io is it ja synonymous distorted and played with my other camera recorded tapes will be played normally. So actually the track seems to be broken, or perhaps with the really long play. My camera does not support long play.

Since you can not exactly say yes anscheind now what exactly I'll turn the tape times when you are submitting. Wenns dann halt doch s.der lane shift is, I have been jet-stop. For about 10 ¬ in which the costs you'd risk ichs. But ¬ 100 would be too much.

As the then runs s.wenn your service, I want to use?
Can you perhaps send an e-mail report to me? - Harry.hopfauf @ gmail.com

Antwort von Markus:

To the extent that it can be said that thus far, two possible causes for the picture-and sound interference be responsible: either the recording was done in long play, or the track location of the receiving camcorder was maladjusted.

Has your teacher the maladjusted (unrepaired!) Camcorder yet? The tape could be used to reflect errors likely.

Parallel (ie, tomorrow) I contact you by email.

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