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A / D converter - ADVC110 - "bad" quality?

Frage von BGF:
Februar 2009

Hi folks. I have in the forum a bit around but simply no solution for my problem found.

I have the A / D converter ADVC110 bought for my old VHS and Hi8 Video to digitizer. The device is great and works flawlessly as far.

Unfortunately, I am with the results not entirely satisfactory. the video on the comp is pixilated and the swirl are clear streak s.Kanten etc.. As for me the whole even less understood is that the live image during the capture great looks (this is already digitized by the ADVC s.den pc transfer) the stored video and grainy but not as nice smooth and fluid as the live image and the overall visual analogue. or is it a picture with the digitization of asking too much?

wär super if someone can help me. I do not know whom else you might ask, since it is a pretty special thing

short second question: I have to convert usvirtualdub used. If I capture the audio run it on audio + frame dropouts. stored in the file are then forming suspension is the result. is my pc too slow? when I turn the sound off but it works. but that would only be a stopgap measure.

Antwort von tommyb:

Question No.1:
The sweet part has a DV output. The data you receive from the device should therefore be normal DV. That means the program with which you are currently aufnimmst / transmit the compressed data may be new.

Organize the program you WinDV. It transmits the data 1:1 on your plate and stores it in an AVI file.

Question No. 2:
Let the hoes at "Sound capture" it, remove the hoes at "Sound playback" and should have everything Paletti run. You do not hear sound while capturing, but as a file on the disk, he is okay.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

It is quite normal that digitized analog video s.Computer not look quite so good as expected. This much has already been written. Cause unterschieldlichen are the types of video imaging and computer (interleced vs. progressive), causing effects in kammartigen vertical lines can lead to. There is also a motion blur completely normal.

Another reason for the observed effect is that often when reading a small image window is used, as appropriate, even indicates a half, while after the movie in full screen size dier considered. Then, from a 720x576 Picture a 1280 x 1024 inflated. The lack of "intermediate points" are calculated ('re not really there). This leads to blurring.

Look at the whole back to the TV s.and You will notice that everything is OK. Flatscreen TVs have special circuitry to allow the video image looks reasonable. This has a PC monitor.

Importantly, however, that when you read (capture) actually 1:1 DV datastream aufnimmst and not in a more economical format (eg MPEG) can convert. Belas First you will need the calculator, which is synonymous to dropouts can lead and secondly, the post then technically difficult, leading to loss of quality leads.

Antwort von BGF:

wow, thanks for the super quick response ..
I've tested everything synonymous equal what you've said.

actually sees the image on the LCD TV set a little better than on my lcd screen for the pc. at least the streak are somewhat reduced. not what I would have thought. lcd lcd is .. but probably more plug calculation behind it.

windv I've tried. but it stores the same screen as VirtualDub. I had wondered if not synonymous, as I do when I use the ADVC choose a device, also hardly have options available.

for direct comparison, I have now again the camcorder directly s.fernseher connected. and must say: if it should remain qualiätsunterschieden this, I am of the dv-schärfe really disappointed! I thought getting the best material to this archive. or was it naive to think? can you give me something else to recommend this purpose, so synonymous to simple video post. this should be so no more codecs to use because it takes a lot of computing power?

thank you so far.

Antwort von RickyMartini:

The DV-Picture can be no better than the material that you play - unless you change the image parameters (sharpness, color, contrast, brightness, etc.).
The jitter can be synonymous is not entirely eliminate - despite TBCs.
Waves are no longer running through the picture, but edge noise remains.

Currently I digitalise S-VHS material in my videos, from the early 90s come. Here I use the JVC S-VHS recorder (7611) that has a full-TBC has. This is in a position itself to eliminate flicker image, which was unfortunately my SonyV800 produced.

My Sony Camcorder DCR-PC101E is given as an A / D converter used. Here I draw on to tape. If necessary, do I copy the videos to disk and create MPEG2 files for the.

Comparison to native DV provides the digitized material generally far worse off - despite the image optimization.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

I just only 13 VHS tapes (in principle) can be recorded and no differences between the right and displayed as a DV-format video available s.meinem tube monitor can be identified. Sure / Maybe the tube is synonymous with me too small for such comparisons ...

But for my case clearly and completely enough bersser than I had originally assumed.

You have not yet tell us how the Dun Comparison of the incoming material and the camcorder have employed accurate picture.

OK, s.Television is clear.

But as you have the PC-Picture s.Television considered. The TV-out of cheap graphics cards are not suitable. So either FBAS - Out of the ADVC110 or try a DVD burn and s.Stand-alone chart.

How did you get it done?

Antwort von BGF:

naja .. I have saved the video first s.pc screen (lcd) viewed .. In this, I have a very expensive graphics card (do not know which). Here was the result grotte bad! after your tip, I then adjust the video on my lcd-tv viewing. I have my labtop s.diesen connected. this has certainly not a good graphics card ... but perhaps it is indeed wirklch it. on the TV set at least the streak was not as pronounced but the doll unschärfe and thus the direct difference to the original but is still clearly been!

danke für den tipp. I will burn a dvd times and look how it looks!

I keep you posted!

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