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Frage von Encoredutemps:

I'm working with Encore CS3 or FinalCut6 and would like to make a DVD with several small shoot, which will be synchronized each in 5 different languages. I think it would be all right if I for each language on the DVD menus do not always have to encode the same film - and thus lose correspondingly much space on the disc but that example with the click of the menu 'Spanish' is called, the corresponding sound track is is while resorting to the same movie I as synonymous views on 'Italian'. This means: On the disc itself, the film only once, but 5 accompanying audio tracks.
Is this feasible?


Antwort von hozz:

This is not only feasible, it is standard for DVDs (synonymous if the different scenes would support each language).

Wies is: no idea, but here will know for sure one :-)


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