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Frage von norbert55:

Hello NG,
DC30 has my calculator along with Win 98 now after 10 years finally disposed of. Make no more fun. But what do I put myself now? Aim: Films of the grandchildren, wedding, baptism, the holiday, often little ridicule for a company. My Money I do not want to earn it. I think there are three options in my price region:
1. Card (eg Matrox RT.X100) and PREMIERE + new Calculator
2. only software (eg LiqiuidEdition)
3. Apple and FinalCut
The cheapest solution would, of course, no map and Prem (older version of software available, and worked perfectly). But I've's still as comfortable as before (eg at the same time capturing big picture on the control monitor, the scrub on the real-time image effects) on the control monitor??
Heard that you get the picture from a FireWire adapter on the control monitor. But who says of the FireWire that they should do. Do we need to but a card?
Bit much the same, shrill? But I do not sleep properly because I can not decide (and synonymous nich so the idea of have the hardware). Someone has time to answer me? Thanks already in advance.
Gruß Norbert

Antwort von Bernd:

Mhhm, so if I have understood correctly, you ne 'DV Cam and want not only the preview image on the monitor as a preview, but on an external monitor (video monitor?) Are synonymous, and the whole should still be real, right?

Well, for one need an external monitor somehow 'ne chance to join that very synonymous. Either you're going to go through your cam (which hangs over Firewire s.Calculator and simultaneously, the picture on the monitor Cam s.den looped), or you need a converter, you s.den the preview monitor can connect directly (for example, a converter Of Canopus).

Regarding Software and Calculator premiere, the simplest solution would, of course, because the training will save you (leave that should not be underestimated). Premiere in the current version is said to be synonymous pretty good - but no experience myself (so I could not before) with the program completely befriend.
Only expensive than Tip: Most current software is - bought an older version on ebay can often be very inexpensive upgrade.

Final Cut and Mac, of course, would be an interesting solution synonymous (FC indeed enjoy) a very good reputation, but views of the higher cost of the Mac hardware exception, you must become not only synonymous with the software but also incorporated into the operating system ( if you never have worked with a Mac, it could therefore be a bit annoying at first, because some s.Mac runs differently) than a conventional PC. Whether it's all worth it to you, you have to decide for themselves - but read the forums earlier views across to CF: one or two hooks, there's synonymous in this platform.

An alternative might be synonymous still prefer Vegas considered: very intuitive, real good work mgl. And it goes pretty gentle with the computer resources at (demo version you'll find on the Manufacturer HP).
If Money does not matter vielleich would still synonymous Avid Xpress into question. In combination with one Mojo You have almost everything ext synonymous and in real time on a thumbnail. Monitor would be no problem. However, here the learning curve is likely a bit higher and User Interface to get used to be. Basically a good program, but with a steeper learning curve.

Canopus synonymous currently offers an action: if you have already an editing program, which cost at least $ 200) (invoice, you get currently Edius3 for 199 euros. If you are the bill of your premiere still have, perhaps you can consider this offer synonymous (see: www.canopus.de).

One should be clear: if your calculator is 10 years old, must in any case a new her. Current Calculator DV synonymous with creating almost everything in real time. If you want to cut HD's then looks again different.


Antwort von Frank B.:

Hello Norbert,

You have to make the decision ultimately. It is important, what do you expect of you, from the hassle of a familiarization with a new editing program until the financial burden. Here are a few thoughts of my page, which you could possibly help:
Your DC 30 does not belong on the scrap heap - see here:
On the other hand you'd have to be yourself with a new computer concept and a new editing program navigate.
If I were to start anew, I would first invest in the fastest possible Calculator. I would stay s.Deiner job with a PC because you can keep it in your editing program first and then maybe take something better. I do not know whether your version of Premiere has the Firewire output addresses (I think s.Vers. 6.0 it does).
If so, in fact, extends to you a digital - analog converter to check on an external monitor to the Picture. Many people use this with your DV camcorder - in which I would certainly advise against. An extra transformer would be the cleaner thing. Appropriate equipment you can find at Canopus, Pinnacle, and various other vendors. It should however be very large differences in quality, but what I can not say anything because I do not use a converter. I work with the DV 500 Pinnacle Liquid Edition and Liquid Edition 5.5 or 6.1 and with a DV recorder and converter. The calculator on which the version 6.1 is installed, is equipped with a 256 MB graphics card, can access the Liquid Edition version s.6.0 when rendering. With this team I work at least as fast as with the PC with the real-time DV 500 card, especially since the editing software, the so-called background rendering, so the calculation of the effects in the background uses. My Conclusion is: Better to invest in more computer performance. Thus we have more opportunities in developing the system in all possible directions.

Gruß Frank

Antwort von Markus:

Hello Norbert,

Premiere displays the video image via IEEE1394 (Firewire =) so that you are on a camcorder or a converter function with separate A / D converter can be considered s.Videomonitor. Whether and how to do with the effects, I do not know. I have a Matrox RT.X100 and would be based on the functions of this video card does not want to be without.

In this context, you will be interested in the following thread:
Why is a sectional map? -> Contribution of the administrator!

Antwort von Wiro:

@ Norbert

Some time ago I was in exactly the same situation, had for years with the good old DC-30 Pros and Premiere 5.1c with all Pi-po-pa work, but then DV - and it had to come, a new cutting machine produces.

I wanted to continue to use Premiere was clear - if you are incorporated so that it is the ultimate editing software. My solution:

A new multimedia Calculator at Aldi (3.2 GHz / 1 GB RAM / 2x 150 GB hard drive / 945 .- Euro incl Windows XP SP2). There Premiere installed (but in the new Pro version) - done. The preview on the control monitor is no longer as easy as possible for the DC-30. I have the control monitor (JVC Studio easy) via firewire / DV recorder is connected. Then you notice a difference at the DC-30, it's just a different way.

Sleepless nights are totally unnecessary. Modern PCs bring everything with what you need.
Greeting Wiro

Antwort von prem:

How about with a Mac mini (gibts grad S.399 euros) and Final Cut Express?

Ne really good solution is doomed and the Mac mini is absolutely fast enough. Perhaps a little RAM upgrade.

Antwort von norbert55:

So that exceeds all my expectations. How much mail! Have just noticed when you register is what a great forum. S.Problemen great compassion, friendly tone, real Profiwissen ... Does one really rare. Did have to make very bad experiences elsewhere. I really thank you all!
I think that the RT.X100 the right. When I was a full software + adapter (camera only, not IN) buy, I'm almost at the price of the card + Premiere 1.5
But since I have the next problem: Michael Lehmann-Horn of the magic multi media GmbH has difficulties with the board. He wants me to necessarily take the P4P800-E. And that's really no longer on the current status I would like to equip the calculator as follows:
Gigabyte GA-8I945G Pro
Intel Pentium 4 630 3.00 GHz
Corsair XMS2 DIMM Kit 1024MB PC2-667 DDR2 CL4-4-4-12 (TWIN2X1024-5400C4)
Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 250GB SATA II (HDT722525DLA380/0A31636)

Could there be a problem here? Or do you know a better hardware in this price range?
Much hope that you have time again. Thank you very much.
Gruß Norbert

Antwort von Realist:

Oh well. With hardware you can have depending on what you actually compiles and everything reinsteckt always get problems. To say this is good or bad choice for the infinite variety so it never really possible.
Personally, I would have the board a couple of slots too little, which will limit my expansion too much.
Otherwise, I take care of before the purchase of googling with keywords such as eg product name + problem. The time has preserved an authentic Rolex.

Gruss - Realist

Antwort von Frank B.:

Hello Norbert,

if you feel already a DV editing hardware and software have defined, you should confidently rely on the professionals who build such systems already in long experience. Such companies as Du usanführtest they give you a warranty for the complete system. They often know more about the problems that can cause the cards and Programs. An editing system should be a system that is perfectly matched. Here need not always be the favored component of the optimal synonymous. If you want kofigurieren the calculator itself, I recommend you the compatibility of Matrox and Adobe sites to visit. You will save you so so many negative surprises.

friendly greetings Frank

Antwort von norbert55:

Thanks Frank. Get it to heart.
Gruß Norbert

Antwort von Markus:

"Frank B." wrote:
... if you feel already a DV editing hardware and software have defined, you should confidently rely on the professionals who build such systems already in long experience.

Hello Norbert,

think of Frank, I can wholeheartedly agree. My PC is synonymous DV editing of specialist dealers and after everything I've read so that was the right decision. :-)

" Let us talk about the times RT.X100
" Why is rarely addressed the RT.X100?
" An example (using the DV Storm 2) that sometimes weiterhilft only the experience

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