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Frage von Henri:
Dezember 2010

Mountain Sports store on the Berlin Mont-K. aims to show that behind the virtual Internet shop is a real shop, work in the competent and likeable people.

already paid dues:
When going from script to sound all by oneself is, what's on the fast track. Because one example, with the reflection is concerned about a scene and so head for the right one or not free is better attitude. Not to mention the practical problems and enforce their own ideas quite. Dues was synonymous paid in light. In the shop there is a mix of halogen, neon and LED - the pure disaster. The issue I had quite underestimated, they had some scenes (for which I then borrowed a projector) can be reworked (embarrassing), in others it can be seen just after the compression, that the colors do not in any way.

Before the finished film on the Mont-K comes home are suggestions, criticism, help, of course, welcome. Some little things are already changed. I need help usin things Vimeo upload. At the 1440x1080 I'm not sure if that is optimal or the whole should be better rendered to another format? Were used clips in HD and HDV. In addition, the sound is not quite synchronously at Vimeo - is this normal?

Thank you + Greeting


Antwort von Räuber:

Hi, I know not quite the sense of the tram with the almost falling cyclists at 0:40?


Antwort von Henri:

Just a view from the street shop hinuter in the often crazy, hectic bustle of the avenue of chestnut trees (the Berlin talks synonymous of the Casting Allee).

Antwort von gunman:


So to me the movie very much. Great image quality (which Camera?) Attractive interface, in my opinion done very well crafted!

Antwort von Henri:

@ Gunman

Thank you. Camera in Nepal and Norway was the FX1, in Berlin is the most with the 5D has been made.

Antwort von NEEL:

The clip is made quite well, but in parts very very lengthy. The first 26 seconds can easily get out. After the flags s.besten begin with the same close-up. You're selling the store to people, so better start it right and not lose too many outside shots in the beginning. Otherwise tight and where to go and take out the image film music (why movies always have that same image, uncool Music?). Watch the figures: the buyer comes over quite well, which is quite important. Rainer Climb the other hand, only produces speech with platitudes and the owner is a bit boring if the synonymous nature scenes are quite nice. Perhaps you could reduce the in-store something. I think especially in Berlin, it is important who is selling the things and what image you with to win a shopping there :-).

Antwort von deti:

- Overall, the film makes a good impression, he's super technical and content in order. The cut and some camera settings might be a bit crisper and more creative. 4 minutes would have been enough good synonymous. The outdoor audience like quick cuts and humor.
- The O-Sound to the atmosphere / music is too quiet. The music level is raised in the pauses too fast. I would make the music quieter.
- The sound of the buyers is not as clean as the managing director.
- The manager should be in the split-screen look into setting the Camera (00:55).
- The philosophy of the manager relating to climbing drivel is unbearable. Especially when you see him here as he climbs a beginner's route s.Kunstfels on the Devil's Mountain.
- The Climb Rainer is very sympathetic to him and takes off his passion.
- In general, the shoot scenes of climbing a position to choose an angle above the climber. For this, the cameraman in a route should be moved laterally fixed to the climber.


Antwort von Valentino:

"Robbers" wrote:
Hi, I know not quite the sense of the tram with the almost falling cyclists at 0:40?


So the Berlin tram is a very good brand recognition for the viewer / customer. There are also the contrasts: Hectic city meets quiet / relaxed store atmosphere.

Somewhat problematic, I think the speaker's voice, because of this is the boss and this is later seen in the interview on.
I know the problem is most no money for a good speaker available or the customer insists that itself speak, as synonymous "Seitenbacher symptom known ;-)

Antwort von Henri:


To Climb Rainer: Yes, a little uncool. "I want to show people ..."
a little annoying, if only because the Chancellor of stänig HUMAN speaks. That is a political bubble. I had specified no text. The question was, mutatis mutandis, what makes him work as s.der Rainer Climb fun - it is always a problem on good sound bites or risk hoped that the text is read or recited comes along.

For Music: This is not negotiable, as it was made by the manager.

@ Deti

Managing Director s.Teufelsberg: Originally I wanted to turn in s.Bunker Humboldthain that would have been something spectacular, I could not prevail, however.
Thanks for the note with the Geschäftsführein - Looking into the camera. I would have thought it is not, but I already of someone who knows more of the matter when I get the same advice.

Antwort von Hans-Joachim:

The film earned over Sympahtie, which is probably s.wichtigsten.

The Music is ok, but s.einigen points agrees the volume ratio is not between Language and Music. At 2:40 you can hear a conversation like in the background as if you had forgotten, take them out? Is that intentional?

Antwort von NEEL:

"Henri" wrote:

For Music: This is not negotiable, as it was made by the manager.

Haha come to me known (which is why I ended my brief foray into the Imagefilmerei synonymous again - an idea from the boss is the boss idea :-))

A tip for difficult speakers: Better no "why" - ask questions, but specifically naturally lead them to specific events / experiences. For example, "Where did you have your first Kletterelebnis, you can remember it still." Is a documentary questioning techniques, most of the people then begin to talk very interesting.

But otherwise the clip IMHO, it was really good, in my last post came across not suffer so.

Antwort von r.p.television:

Work in general a well-rounded.
All craft like that.
Only the mixture Language / Music. The language should be dominant, on my notebook I have many things not understood. I would be synonymous to run a compressor on the voice track, the funk up the whole thing a little.
To Content:
I would also streamline. Goal: Less than 5 minutes.
I, however, find the first 30 seconds but very good and synonymous important because with these recording a way of life is being transported.
Special s.Schluss is too much of the climbing plant. Spoken select the cut. Is for outside too long.
All "Um" and rauscutten too long speech pauses. is precisely in the off no problem. The buyer is very good. Since I would even change anything. With the win the shop s.Sympathie.
The other two have more narcotic effect, unfortunately. Especially the cut I would climb Rainer. Dear impressions without language, because people fall asleep during his Genuschel otherwise.

I sell customers such changes (if the protagonists of the team are just bad) always the case:
I gave rather reliable test to me the following notes. "Climb Rainer too long ...." etc.
So you're off the hook and make you the customer unnecessarily unpopular.

Antwort von Henri:

@ Hans-Joachim
If 2.40 is intent - Presentation.

@ Rptelevision
Yes, as already mentioned several times, I would cut again. When Rainer Climb it should be possible to the "... because I enjoy working with people ..." and cut out the GF flies once the "vertical" out. Only one or the other "Er" (sometimes have the feeling that Ah must stay inside for the Srechrythmus () -. But may be nonsense, I watch times Then probably vinegar, because even a table of contents must be transported and the rates must give a meaning.

Times have googled and looked at the Forum in terms of compressor. become really smart, I'm not. Is it just the increase in the volume or extra software is meant?

Antwort von Pianist:

"Henri" wrote:
Times have googled and looked at the Forum in terms of compressor. become really smart, I'm not. Is it just the increase in the volume or extra software is meant?

This can be done either in the same voice recording with an external device, but something synonymous, there is a plugin for most Tonbearbeitungsprogramme. With a compressor you increase the average volume without exceeding the permitted maximum level. You set the active region itself. As it goes once around the transmission ratio, ie how much to lower the volume be increased, and secondly there is the slider that sets the threshold. It is important that you do not overdo it, so not too far down begins. Just try it with different settings and compare.


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