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Frage von sentino81:

Hello together.

I stand before the decision to buy myself a new camera for new or used. I intend to implement various minor short film projects.

Basically, I had already opted for a Canon HV20 used. However, I have various forum posts but then a little confused. Therefore, I now want your opinion and hope you one (or help) next bit inexperienced newcomer.

The MiniDV recording media is probably no doubt, especially in regard to the post s.PC (this will be very interesting to me), the undisputed number 1 In any case, this is the conventional wisdom in all of my visiting forums.

However, my question is:

If I save the footage of MiniDV to PC, then edit and burn to DVD, then it is the last step (the burning to DVD) a Umschlüsslung instead of the data. MPEG2 as much as I know.
Now if I, the data of a memory card (in case of purchase of the HF10 for example) on a PC store, encode (so that I can cut transmuted frame accurate) and then just like the material in MiniDV MPEG2, which is then Riessen difference?

The precise cutting (and the previous encoding is) of the material of the card at all possible?

If yes, is the quality loss in Comparison to MiniDV significant?

Would you ever worked for me in principle, purchase a used camcorder, with tapes of advice?

And of course, the popular question: Listening to the tape running noise in the recordings? Will the Canon HV20 with getting DM50 Microphone. However, I read that the sound is transmitted through the camera body, and thus continue to be heard? Because my films are rather quiet and without much thought music would be a real shortcoming.

Thus, the lot's all here, and unfortunately I am not very experienced. Forgive me, therefore, one or the other "typical rookie question, but I then find a purchase should be carefully considered, since I still work a few years synonymous with the Camera and Money in additional equipment (tripod, various filters Adapters and wants to invest).

Many thanks already times in advance.


Antwort von sentino81:

Has anyone ne opinion on the subject?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The HV 20 is okay.

Synonymous with an external Micro and a certain distance from the camera, you should not Laufwerksgeraeusch can hear.


The RF models are synonymous, but well - if you can edit the recordings using newer synonymous Calculator.

So, depending on the performance of the PC w + I rde me decide here .... may be synonymous with the archiving of recordings via tape is still a bonus point.

Both images must be expected of each 1440x1080 HDV (HV 20) or 1920x1080 HD (HF10) Encodes down / to burn it as a 720x576 MPEG2 on a DVD.


Depending on the condition / price of the used camera I would really put to the AGM 20th

B. DeKid


Antwort von sentino81:

Schonmal Okay, thank you.

Ask me now, but seriously, if I was absolutely in HD quality must take if the data are runtergerechnet but before burning to DVD.

Or I will still have a higher quality than 'normal' cameras?

(Without additional sound man for the time being, I would not have) is that with the distance between the Camera and Micro probably something hard to achieve, but we can not finally have it all. Here, I'll probably have to compromise ...


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The quality is actually nen tick and should be better than with a pure SD Camera.

The sound can be achieved by mounting distance nen, nen good directional microphone, or just by editing the file s.dem Micro Tripod or an external bracket attached.

B. DeKid


Antwort von wolfgang:

However, the reserves of good quality HD camera are synonymous visible - just after the Runterrechnen to SD because the SD cameras ausreizen yes, in fact synonymous not theoretical Resolutionder SD devices always good, and the HD products because more are always obhalb . Halt Depends what you compare it. Therefore, it's just such a way that is synonymous to Runterrechnen of HD to SD is not necessarily always high - is not quite so simple.

And of course there are ways and means synonymous, the high Resolutionfür obtain the final output - a SD-DVD player is no longer halt the machine, where you can play back HD content. They are more likely halt AVCHD DVDs, Blu Ray or playing of various hard disk players (the already very favorable) to an HDTV.


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