Infoseite // AC3 sound "sounds obtuse"

Frage von _Basti_:

Hello s.Alle!

Have a little problem with some. Avi video files with AC3 audio. And although the sound is very "dull", as if much of his investment in the bass turned up, so does that mean the issue is not clear. That's a lot to me even with so few video files, for example, if I synonymous of a DVD. Create avi files. (Did synonymous Files, where everything sounds quite normal ...) Currently, the latest AC3Filter is installed ...

PS: Sorry for my not so clear description, I know but at the moment is not what I put into words, I lack to the concept. ;)

Greetings and schonmal Thanks for your answers


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Basti,

Perhaps the sound quality of the original files are simply not as good, eg because of a too low bit rate?


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