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Frage von unspeakable:

Hi Folks,
unfortunately I have no idea what could be the reason?

Panasonic FS200 + TBC On

When I think about my TV card 713x (S-VHS) + Huffyuv HOST, I have a quiet Picture ...

I certainly Nehme (eg Sony Vegas) to more than my new ADVC-55, the picture flickers remarkable s.and to wobble (!) To synonymous (I mean that as a real shake, of left to right)
The flicker appears to s.and and goes through the whole picture (usually only takes 1-2sec)

Any ideas what's the problem?
The material, of course, is somewhat older ... come to the ADVC-55 evt with my material is not clear (bad material + ADVC), and if so what could I do? Or is my only recording on my TV card (Philips) chipset?

Somewhat at a loss, the image quality tells me I'm on the ADVC-55 more jerk, but the constant / fibrillation is not a state: (


Antwort von nicecam:

Lack of time I can only give you more until the following links, which deal with the matter: = = =

FireWire FAQ"> = = = = = # 406,208


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