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Frage von soflow:


(Adobe Master Collection CS3)

A brief summary:
Sliced and sound editing in Premiere. Premiere project file imported into AE. Color Grading. PROBLEM: The premiere set 1zu1 cuts will not be accepted. This is not only the sound will not work correctly, but the average change is obviously synonymous very annoying.

This problem is once I have noticed with AE ... Do you have experience, any idea how I can turn off this problem?

Lieben Gruß



Antwort von Mylenium:

More info, please. Frame rate? Project settings? Offset when importing comes usually caused by wrong settings somewhere. This can happen nes that the AE data misinterpreted synonymous and the zb Fields reordered. Also look, whether in Premiere with no time stretching or something and has worked all keyframes and cuts really synonymous exactly on all frames are ...



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