Infoseite // AE CS3 - no additional effects and file formats available

Frage von kingkane85:

Have a problem with my AE CS3 after I use my PC and have flattened the Master Collection have reinstalled AE uneasy when I always have the message: "Unable to install additional file formats and effects. Please reinstall ..." or "After Effects could no additional file formats and effects install ..." and he thinks I reinstall with a serial number should be (yes, but what I did)
've obviously already neusinstalliet and am with the Clean rübergegangen tool, but unfortunately, this error still: he tried to install something and then stops with the error message ... I can not for example, import MPEGs and me are not all synonymous Effects available ...
achja before XP, I've flattened it ran flawlessly ...

aufgafallen me is the AE one instance of msiexec.exe call which maybe responsible for the error might be?


Antwort von Mylenium:

As an administrator! Down with the damned, reinstall.



Antwort von kingkane85:

I could solve my problem differently:
I have software under the After Effects Third Party Content uninstalled. The next launch of AE was this again and this time correctly installed, that are now all file formats and effects available!


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