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AE-Animation in 16:9 PAL-DV in Premiere unscharf

AE animation in 16:9 PAL DV blurred in Premiere

Frage von Da_File:
September 2010

Hey Guys,

My problem is that I have several short animation sequences from After Effects in Premiere with Pal 16:9 DV material) fields and therefore must be piecing non-square pixels.

I have the animation in AE than this both DV-PAL with 16:9 PAR 1:1,422 as synonymous with square pixels and created no preference which option I spend as uncompressed AVI in Premiere and may establish the problem is the same.

The animations seem totally blurred when they are used in the timeline. Strangely, they must be rendered synonymous, although they should have all the same format as the Time Line.

Is this blur edges s.kontrastreichen payable only through the fields and anamorphic pixels, or because you can achieve even better results in some way?

What is the standard practice is for such tasks?

The issue is scheduled only on PC screen and projector.

Antwort von Jott:

DV with half-images for computer screens is not very smart!

Antwort von prime:

"Da_File" wrote:
The animations seem totally blurred when they are used in the timeline. Strangely, they must be rendered synonymous, although they should have all the same format as the Time Line.

I would imagine that this is the reason why they are blurred - you may see only preview quality. Since you apparently have an uncompressed DV project, however, insert material, it must be precisely rendered (in the DV codec).

Otherwise, verifiable vote again if really all settings (25 fps, lower field first, 720x576px), maybe you can just as synonymous the animations DV output in AE.

Of course you have for moving objects in your animation only half the spatial resolution, but 'full' temporal resolution 50 Hz (). Moreover, much is being converted into s.Farbinformation DV * discarded '', so you have to fill s.end with only one quarter of the entire color Resolutiondas Picture (-> http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farbunterabtastung).

* And when nearly every other distribution format synonymous (DVB / DVD / BluRay ...).

/ EDIT And as synonymous Jott notes, half frames for PC = suboptimal. Since working on playback even with a deinterlacer, which depending on how well he can swallow a lot of quality synonymous. So you have to decide, 25 full pictures (and maybe jerk) or just with 50 fields (as well as liquid as your video material).

Antwort von Da_File:

I have the material from the cameraman shall receive and had no effect on the format.

The preview is on high quality.

The problem is definitely the presentation of my graphics in half frames and rectangular pixels. In the source monitor the animation still looks normal and after it was rendered for the Time Line is washed out of principle. The same happens when I jump from AE already spend DV encoded.
So I will be able s.Look change nothing and must avoid just fine lines and small fonts.

Would it be better in future shoots, the final output have not foreseen the TV to work in progressive? Or there are problems with fast movements?

Antwort von frm:

What does the rendered material from AE in the Media Player for example? Just as pixels?
Then I guess you only render with half the quality of AE.
Check times all the settings (best render quality) control + pixel resolution!
Otherwise, everything checked again in this regard?


Antwort von Da_File:

With all due respect, I use After Effects quite a few years and the export settings are correct.
It's not like that the picture is totally washed out, it just blurred edges are seen at synonymous and Text Advertisement affects the interlacing and the 16:9 negative.

The material which I spend in square frames from AE is so razor sharp. only when it is in the timeline of Premiere and will be encoded so that DV is just for the quality.

This is probably unavoidable.

Antwort von frm:

Does it already bad on the timeline? Or only after you've spent it in Premiere?
Did you ever get the File of AE to Premiere übegeben link via Dynamic?

Antwort von Da_File:

No when I saw the pictures of the Source Monitor and Timeline see side by side is the source of sharp left and right, the timeline image blurred.

Antwort von frm:

Hm, could I even imagine the premiere of the movie file is interpreted incorrectly.
Mach broker rechtsjklick to File and click on fottage interpret. See if there everything is set correctly.

Antwort von Jörg:

As already noted above:
You see preview quality, this made at least on top?
What is the material for export?

Antwort von prime:

If I see correctly render in 1920x1080 and you wonder why it is blurred when it premiere on DV, so 720x576px (interlaced! Runterrechnet)? Then I'd put it perfectly normal.

Fine lines and small text should definitely be avoided when you must spend on DV. The same conserns for small colored elements, etc..

Antwort von Da_File:

Preview of course, is mentioned as placed on the highest quality

The animation looks the same in After Effects from blurred when it is used in a composition with non-square pixels.

It is with some certainty s.den anamorphic pixels, I can probably change nothing to it.

I do not render in HD is the screenshot of another user.

Antwort von prime:

Ooops yes - completely overlooked.

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