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Frage von cmartis:


I want to set a camcorder ...
Since the Panasonic AF100 comes out soon I would like to ask for example whether I flash with this and a nano (; for HD SDI video and for better codec in the recording)'m better off than with a SonyEX1 + Nano Flash.

Advantage of the Panasonic 4 / 3 imager ...

The Pana had interchangeable lenses, there's the option ... (; Option EX3 comparable)

Another thing that Pana is supposed to HD SDI output in 4:2:2 8bit.
The Sonyin 10 bit ...

Is there a big difference, for example, the bit Keyen between 8 / 10?

Thank you!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Clear 10 bit NEN course could tick more

Whether you find the can is of course synonymous really so ne questions!

I would say wait and estimate is announced

For an EX with 35mm adapter right light and hospitalization is currently still "The Way To Go!

B. DeKid


Antwort von B.DeKid:

But those who are expected to cost time and knows what's what, who could make friends easily synonymous with the new Pana I mean as long as Canon is in the pot, comes the really great alternative ne!


But I prsl. say: EX Cam Ne NEN 35 mm adapter and external recording NEN plus about 1 / 3 more to bring light right now, the best results!

Because even I can do no more than CanonFanBoy, or material of the new Canons I have not yet exist, but XDCAM footage and it was just the hammer, which was more than Pana HVX footage, especially as far as keying and rotoscoping!


Ne EX 1 NEN, 35 mm adapter and ne Matrox and you s.Start Top Footage

Is my prsl. Feedback

Pana should definitely have something new to bring out with the new you save almost ¬ 2k, ok synonymous true ;-)

But until that happens sometimes, is the ultimo SonyEX s.Quali - especially in keying - the dream that just NEN spill and etc. As for

I think about it for months now, after just three EX1er plus 35mm adapter and use it here as capture cams, because the quality is perceived by 30% better than any VDSLR!

Unfortunately, my clients know this little bit of quality s.mehr not - if I can still satisfy with VDSLR - So What -?)

Were up to me would realize that but he is currently 3x EX1 ;-)

But what I complain about all the motion capture run over 6 Cams a 640x480 at 300fps and no bad one for interested ... so what
* Save Money wait for new toys / hope *

B. DeKid


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Without wishing to annoy you but imagine the question - what does more: ....

A single Top Camera or 3 small filth which ne Cams Top quality supply?

Hmm - what do you think?


Antwort von cmartis:

Na klaar,

if the customer does not see anyway the difference ... and then you have 3 cameras ... A good combination of optics and recording is so synonymous crucial.

But with my dilemma between the Pana AF100 VS exes ...
With 35mm adapter I have no experience ... But suppose I'd so take an adapter I could use the same at a EX1 and EX3?

And ... change because the lenses can EX3 could I screw Canon DSLR lenses on it without a 35mm adapter?




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