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AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ gut beraten?Filmschnitt & Effekte

AMD Athlon64 X2 3800 + good advice? Film editing & effects

Frage von Tido:
Juni 2007


I have before me the AMD Athlon64 X2 3800 + EE Windsor 2x2.0GHz TRAY to buy.

They still 1Gig Ram and a 200 SATA disk. This here


Important for me is that I Adobe Premiere and After Effects easily play. I have now synonymous mi some of the things Andrew Kramer worried.

Has one of the Prozi and what can to use the 2 cores to say? Am I the thing with good advice?


Antwort von Burner87:

The use of the cores is always dependent of the programs, the X2 3800 + is a good entry-level CPU and editing for DV at all suitable cases. Even faster would be an Intel Core 2 Duo, but a little more synonymous costs. The current memory prices are 2 GB of RAM (p.55 ¬) is a must.
A larger HDD s.250GB more 320 GB has a better price-/Leistungsverhältnis.

Antwort von JMitch:

Interesting would be, what it would be base. At 939 I would not invest more - at AM2 directly NEN 5000 + purchase (as worth price / performance grade yet).

Antwort von Tido:

ever grateful for the responses.

So the board will be

hard drive these


Well, I think so far only 1Gig Ram for 70 ¬ If you could tell me where I spent 2 Gig gfür 55 would get the super.

Antwort von JMitch:

That is MicroATX motherboard with onboard VGA and only 2 PCI slots. The taugt nix. And the hard drive is not 'old' ATA 100, which hardly ever be built ...

Processor: AMD Athlon64 3800 + AM2 "EE" "box" 512kB, Sockel AM2 70.00 ¬
Mainboard: MSI K9N4 Ultra-F Socket AM2 ¬ 63.05
Grafillarte: ASUS GF 7100GS Silent, 128MB, Nvidia 7100GS, PCIe 40.00 ¬
Memory: 2x 1024MB DDR2 MDT, PC6400/800, CL5 78.00 ¬
Hard drive: WD Caviar SE16 320GB SATA II 16MB 69.00 ¬

Antwort von Daigoro:

The post above comes of me and lost in, so nix with editing, but still something to comment on.

So everything on board to have (like the Asus MicroATX board) sounds naturally, because grad's so cheap, tempting. In this case, buy cheap but often bought twice because your calculator ja ne now hold and not for simple tasks grad (DV editing) is intended.

The Asus graphics card (achtung - the Silent!) I would as an interim solution rather than taking extra time on board, because it is relatively inexpensive and non-fans - your ears will thank you.
What is the next year or two takes, we do not know - The 8600er of NVidia should yes' Crystal Video '(or whatever that means) support, which provides hardware video rendering (a function that only with Vista will come to bear) -- other video processing hardware is not alone and you should get a board take on the graphics card can exchange.

The processor would I as a 'boxed', as opposed to the 'tray' is usually so low that you always get no better than the fan from the get boxed version.
Tray is only interesting if you nochma 30-40 Euros in hand and get either NEN silent passive (Tower) or NEN fan with a better cooling fan (you need but really only about tacts) want.

Memory, you take the cheapest, where a brand name can be seen (ie, MDT, Mushkin, Patriot, Infineon "on third").
Everything else is pure waste of money and only for about tacts's interesting.

hard drive has actually SATA (2) his. ATA, most boards only 1nen channel - ie a maximum of 2 devices. Maybe you already have a DVD ROM and a burner, so the only SATA.
In addition, most boards 4-6 SATA connections and some offer RAID capabilities and degree of disk space you have for the DV editing never really enough. ('m on 80GB of 250 to 2x250 and maybe even damnaechst to ne 400).

All prices are Atelco.de of - in the sum of other providers should be synonymous to around 320-340 euros for the above components.
If it's much more expensive, I would stop at ATELCO order.
At various providers rumshoppen to each device for the best price to find is nonsense, since then the shipping costs on the rise and Save If you have problems with one of the components, you can be sure that each fault in the shoes slide.

Antwort von Tido:

I thank you for the detailed answer. So the motherboard is already arrived. Therefore, the stay. By Prozi so let me synonymous.

When I did this ATELCO RAM thanks to your help found.


Adjust the ram in my motherboard is now out there? So if I get 2 pieces of it?

But why does it cost only 37 instead of 70 per piece K6M Not that I'm shit hole.

and fits your Festpallte called synonymous in my new board out there?

here: http://www3.atelco.de/8AW_pgoag4ZL1X/2/articlesearch.jsp?search.sent=1&search.sKey=WD + + Caviar SE16 +320 GB = search.submit & Find

Antwort von Daigoro:

I think the Athlon64 need DDR2-800, this is only 667th

Of the 800 MDT synonymous but costs only 39 euros.

The Board has no OnBoard Firewire, so you need synonymous nor a PCI Firewire card to films of the Camera to capturn.
That is what's at least one PCI-Express 16x slot, so other graphics card is already (still image to the cost of a normal PCI slot).

Expansion Slots:

* 1 Processor - Socket AM2
* 4 memory - DIMM 240-PIN (up to 8GB)
* 1 PCI Express x16
* 1 PCI Express x1
* 2 PCI

The hard drive should fit:

Storage Interfaces:

* ATI SB600: ATA-133 - Connection / Connections: 1 x 40-pin IDC - 2 Device
* ATI SB600: Serial ATA-300 - Connection / Connections: 4 x 7-pin Serial ATA - 4 Device - RAID 0 / RAID 1 / RAID 10

Antwort von Tido:


So that is compatible with the mainboard? Can I buy 2 of and can be happy with?

And the hard drive?
+ + http://www3.atelco.de/8AW_pgoag4ZL1X/2/articlesearch.jsp?search.sent=1&search.sKey=WD Caviar SE16 +320 GB

Can I use for my board Take?

Antwort von Daigoro:

If both fit.

But will guarantee the ninth (yes, I had therefore recommended to all with a vendor to collect, they are usually so accommodating and test and replace if it's to verrecken not want to run, even though se had said something else).

Antwort von Tido:

I will check in times. Thank you for your efforts.

Sign me like the box is running. If she runs;)

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