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Frage von Super36:


I would like to export a sequence, which was in HDV 1080/50i eindigitalisiert and rotated.

My problem is I only get movies played in 4:3.

Who can help?

Many thanks!


Antwort von Fendt:

Hi Super36,

So I can do anything I want to export so many. Short description:
1. be a video file on the timeline must makiert (Look at)
2. I go to File -> Export -> Media -> it will open the export settings
3. Format: H264
4. "Default": User defined
5. "Video" tab
6. Box next frame width and frame height must be disabled
7. Frame width and frame height adjust

I can adjust any aspect ratios. Important stop is the point "4" it is user-defined.

Vile success
Greeting Fendt


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