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Frage von Daigoro:

Lang's time has finally isses da - tens "stream processors" rather lame 2-4 nuclei to encode video: video -Encoding--/meldung/120272

Now only the broad support by the program editing Manufacturer.

At least theoretically times:,669991/Ati_Stream_Avivo_Video-Converter_im_Test_mit_Problemen/



Antwort von domain:

"The file should be excluded from the Avivo encoder in an MPEG-4-containers with a maximum adjustable quality of 3.53 Mbits per second are transmitted."

3.53 Mbits per second up to?
Your ATI graces the airport to joke!


Antwort von Daigoro:

The encoder is synonymous so ne more 'tech' demo, if that's true what it is.

Full support would be desirable in any case and which has at least 1-2 years. : (
HD, some problems solved.


Antwort von WoWu:

Quote: Even the Resolutiondes output videos can not adapt, but is determined by the appropriate profile immutable set.

That is and remains the problem .... Profiles as miserable as long as AVCHD (HL@4.0 / 4.1) or as SonyMP@4.0 are supported, as here, or any iPod profile, it is still so beautiful in features that are offered are not to give better quality.
Manufacturer but synonymous interfaces (HDMI) or Player (BR) draw heavily in the design an AND have long been major bottlenecks than before (only) the bitrate.

Quote: Like a few years ago, when the Ati Avivo converter presented for the first time, is synonymous today, no significant use of the GPU to recognize. The constant high image quality and CPU load at least make the free tool does not currently empfehenswert. A benefit of the stream technology is in our test is not visible.
And what is this please?


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