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Frage von robsenteich:

Hello dear people!

Unfortunately I could not in the forum to solve my problem!

For the archive of my old video 8 videos I looked at e-bay a Chinon Pocket 8 analog camera purchased (C8-C60E). Since I already have a TV Pinnacel - map and to have the Pinnacle Studio 8, I have associated with the adapter connected to my camcorder s.PC!

Unfortunately, the program recognizes only DV - camcorder .... who can tell me what program I need this so that my recordings to DVD at last be secure;)



Antwort von allgaeulady:

I'm no expert, but I think you have a camcorder need the old Video 8 tapes digitized.
I listened as the 2nd Camera one SonyD8 (can play back Video 8 and Digital 8 record) bought, so I use the old video tapes s.den PC via firewire can send. This has SVHS input, so I of synonymous SVHS VCR tapes could hold.
Thereafter s.den DV PC. I'm working with Pinnacle Studio 10th

If your camera has no IR output, would be another possibility, on SVHS output s.die TVKarte the PC, Pinnacle has dieMöglichkeit it.
I will still with the SVHS VCR try because this one has SVHSAusgang.


Antwort von Johannes:

I have always with Magix filme on CD and DVD made. Before Dubbing Of Camera to PC, he asks about what you want to play (which inputs are used). There were never problems with. This is only recommended.


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