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Frage von bountybob:


I record with my Panasonic HDC-SD707 AVCHD format.

Sign in and start with Final Cut Pro 7.02, it will probably default changed to Apple Pro Res 422nd Do I make here in Final Cut Pro is a certain pre-selection, for example, under SIMPLE CONFIGURATION?

It is the cut.

Now I want to spend the sequence again in maximum quality on hard drive and watch later with my WD TV Live Media Player. What exactly, or what and what settings can I spend it?
Can I re-issue a m2ts file?

I need this really practical experience of you, the forum and the manuals did not help me enough.

Thank you!


Antwort von beiti:

M2TS is a container used for the H.264 AVC codec. In general, M2TS produces only of camcorders and not of cutting programs.

In general, even the best H.264 codec for output. You can but the issue, without changing what s.der quality, as good in MOV or MP4 container.
Alternatively, you can use MPEG2 but synonymous, since the calculation is faster, and with appropriate data rate, the quality synonymous very well.

I myself have a WD-TV, and I'm sure most of MPEG2 files with 25 Mbps. S.ganz only a few places (such as sky course), I can sometimes see the difference to the original AVCHD - and the synonymous only when I specifically eighth.


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