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AVCHD-Bearbeitung in Echtzeit

AVCHD editing in real time

Frage von WoWu:
November 2009

Edius Neo 2 Booster with new features.
Grass Valley is expected to begin in November 2009 with the worldwide distribution of Edius Neo 2 Booster. The expansion of Edius Neo 2 nonlinear editing software includes a newly developed AVCHD codec engine that can be carried out simultaneously with a "Intel Core i7-CPU system for more than three real-time flows. The platform is compatible with Windows XP, Vista (; 32 bit/64 bit) and the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 With the optional HDSPARK card can also be full-screen playback in real time on an external HD screen, both in the file preview as synonymous realized during processing.

Edius Neo 2 Booster will be available to the list price of 229 USD and includes a full version of Edius Neo 2nd Customers who already have this software, you can purchase the expansion as an upgrade for 49 USD.

Antwort von hannes:

Where is the "real" advantage?

I play with LoiLoScope 5 HD streams (PiP) in real time the software s.and costs just 60 ¬. With PD7 I have already made synonymous. ¬ 10 on eBay.
Play on a ext. Monitor I certainly have not tried it yet.
There is currently no need synonymous.

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Hannes
Advantage, I would not call it synonymous. But when I see how some still s.ihrem system rumdoktern and AVC hold for poorly run, with something like this takes time s.ihnen by course.

Antwort von Axel:

Three real-time flows, but rather speaks for software than for the codec. Or else: it does not speak against the codec, if you can handle it natively only under certain conditions. Nevertheless, one can now speak of a native cut, if it really runs smooth. If it does not, despite faster Calculator (Final Cut Pro) or smooth (premiere running), which speaks against the software rather than against the codec.

Antwort von RickyMartini:

Interestingly may be material to a 7D with Edius editing without any problems, but running at AVCHD playback buffer is empty now!
The PCM-7D draws on sound, while AVCHD AC3 is used. In it, the dramatic performance advantage may not be justified.

One would have to make an analysis of the two bitstreams in order to clarify the differences. IMHO not running 5DMII material better than AVCHD with Edius.

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Axel
System, of course, was synonymous with the combination of HW and SW meant and perhaps you remember ... 2 years ago, we discussed the necessary constellation already, as everyone wanted to upgrade its huge yet Calculator and those who have made it, of course, it landed on his stomach.
@ RickyMartin

There is always a combination of AVC, as not much more) I frames (up to 16), much longer (long term prediction in the main memory, but must be kept in RAM and the software must support such a change in architecture. This refers both to the OS, as synonymous to the application.
But, as mentioned above. That's been discussed for more than 2 years in detail here, as most people still saw moldy AVC as a shop keeper on the shelves.

Antwort von Axel:

"WoWu" wrote:
@ Axel
System, of course, was synonymous with the combination of HW and SW meant and perhaps you remember ... 2 years ago, we discussed the necessary constellation already, as everyone wanted to upgrade its huge yet Calculator and those who have made it, of course, it landed on his stomach.

Why? What speaks against it, have a quick calculator to synonymous if there is no 64-bit and quad-core there? In the meantime, people synonymous AVCHD have edited and developed quite a good method for it. Maybe even to the extent that they now see no reason to immediately buy a new computer. If they had to wait for two years?

I would like to cut once AVCHD natively, and I'm possibly a customer for this Edius program. Too, that the D7 movs already running so smoothly, I find quite remarkable.

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Axel

The quick calculator is useless!
I had hoped that emerged from the many discussions. While it is nice have such a calculator, but it is in terms of AVC is not only effective.
It is the software architecture to support such calculator must be because the memory is different than that of complete AVC to MPEG2. As will now be loaded only once an I frame in the main memory, processes the picture and then deleted. Not in AVC! Since all I-frames are available are loaded into RAM, and kept there long. Since it can not work with the hauptspeicherorientierten software. Therefore, you can direct your calculator aufpusten still so thick, it does not work. The box is only warm, AVC, but not processed liquid.
Since you can still synonymous as many nuclei have run as long as they are not of the application software will be managed according synonymous get nothing.
So thick Calculator = smart, but pretty useless for AVC
Passbler Calculator with reasonable Aussattung RAM + + matching the operating software and application software already works out. That has to be not even 64 bits. Entirely secondary.

Antwort von Axel:

Already understood. I wrote that the combined SW / HW two years ago was not available, people do not yet landed "on his stomach" and had fallen on his head and found alternatives. Having a quick calculator may not have helped two years ago to edit AVCHD natively, it will still hurt anything.

Antwort von wolfgang:

Well, there are synonymous in this discussion forum Canpus:


And I have there linked with interest the presentation of views:


And now, apart from the fact that in the eyes of some appear to be too sensational - for me, the Page 4 of interest. For me, that says 2 things:

- It will bring very much an i7 with 3 + traces more than an older Q6600 with 1 + traces, in 1920 AVCHD. Processor performance but has something?

- And if I can play on my older Q6600 only "1 +" 1920 AVCHD, what does this presentation, I ask myself what is here is to stop additional power. THE kannn namely some long synonymous Vegas, playing a 1920s track AVCHD natively without problems.

Only then, as Stephen said, that are playable by implementing this technology in Edius then about 8 (!) Traces, because I have to say it is totally interesting for me again!. DAS would be something.

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Axel
Of course you are right and there are always alternatives, and if it's just the route over MPEG2. It's all done and if the result is then synonymous with satisfaction, indeed contradicts no longer human. But we must not forget, that the AVCHD product indeed is only the former in AVC for the amateur and AVC in its entirety for a long does not do justice.
But I would venture to say that hell has angered so many, who has placed a "big box" and later still it was not satisfactory, because the software did not play.
I still remember how I have the theme of "load balancing" chewed on before 2 years of up and down but all were limited to the more s.Rechenpower out. Well, time has shown, that it has little to do with computing power and much more with the software architecture. Of course, the nuclei must be present, which then execute the load synonymous. Therefore, synonymous differences in the GM publication.
Therefore, the whole issue is really new and had not admitted, it took a few months longer, so I expected. But for me this is finally the entry into AVC (in GoP structure) in higher profile, and finally with the tool, which represent synonymous much better pictures and finally away from AVC77.
That had to happen was clear. Remains is interesting to see whether Apple will be in a year or two synonymous as far as GM today.

Antwort von hannes:

@ Wolfgang (WoWu)

> Passbler Calculator with reasonable RAM Aussattung + + matching the operating software and application software already works out.

In my experience, not quite, it only really works if the GraKa cooperate. Therefore, I have older computers with 2 times initially invested in, before I've really upgraded ".

Antwort von WoWu:

This is true of the older calculator, so I then (in gray video time) synonymous assumed that initially will take over co-processors to work, because the SW / HW structure there was already adapted.
Also playing with the older machines usually not with the OS. Trying again today with the W7, because once again it all looks different.
Only in principle, a stream without AVC CABAC was always presented on a 2 thread. this has always been an arithmetical calculation. 80 MHz per picture, which is 2 GHz have always been enough. Only there was just a question of what the calculator so on "management software" on it was because the architectures are supported only as good as the software allows it. Therefore, were the co-processors certainly the best solution (and there are actually still is).

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