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Frage von Manu72:


maybe someone can give me the difference between *. *. m2t and m2ts - files explain?

Background: My camcorder delivers *. m2ts and my editing program are (among others) *. m2t, although no *. m2ts

Who can give me a brief, simple explanation?


Antwort von Marco:

I can give you is no difference between these file types mentioned, but at least one among the files that the camcorder is generated and where the cutting software.
The latter always have a completed file structure and can theoretically be arbitrarily large. The camera can be a maximum 2-GB AVCHD files and create a clip is correspondingly longer, then he will be distributed over several files, each of which have not been completed. This camera native files can be (but need not necessarily) a problem in other applications as long as they do not file with a completed structure together.



Antwort von deti:

In fact, between these file types, no difference. If you'd like from several successive MTS files in M2TS format, can do so:

copy / b 000001.MTS + 000002.MTS + 000003.MTS AUSGABEDATEI.M2TS

In any case, it is a transport stream with 192 byte long TS packets. These TS packets are synonymous with blue-ray discs and different standard of TS packets, such as in digital television (DVB) occur by an additional 4 bytes long Timestamp field.

A person who is arbitrary MTS files into a new MTS or M2TS file to write it you should 4byte the timestamp and the PCR adjust. Some cut programs but even the no preference but clean and working (tested with Sony Vegas Pro). Now I am due Erklärungswut, a little over the top shot.



Antwort von Manu72:

Ok, I ask different times. In honor of your efforts, but as I understand it is not.
I want to cut video, my editing program as m2t output files (originally from the camcorder were m2ts), either to burn or BluRay on PS3 or Media Player s.LCD TV Watch. Now again the question: Is it for the purposes mentioned differences between the two formats? Are there problems with one of two formats?
When I look at as the supported format for the PS3 or any multimedia hard look, is there always only AVCHD or H.264 or MPEG-4 AVC. War I as problems with m2t or m2ts files, or is no preference?


Antwort von pailes:

Since it is in all cases to MPEG-2 transport streams should act, you need to simply rename the extension. The format is always the same.


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