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Hello video fans

I torment myself now been around long enough with the issues around synchronization of audio - and video streams. Now I really wanted to make nails with heads and have made myself with the help of VirtualDub Help clever, with the methods used to synchronize the capturing.

My question is relatively simple in this regard:
The start date for the recording of the audio - and the video stream for recording of video card and sound card is different (for me + - 500 ms). That would s.führen to a linear asynchrony in the video of the beginning. But: For example, the media player starts with the playback of the audio stream and allows the video image s.Anfang by a corresponding amount of time available (in my example about 500ms). That is, this offset must be somewhere in the AVI header to be recorded. Video editing programs or MPEG encoder (TMPGEnc) did not observe this shift and create the above-mentioned asynchronous, since "do not have normal" AVI's such a misalignment.
How can I put this value in the AVI header to 0 and reduce the stream before departing to the appropriate amount?

Is my assumption, anyway? Please correct me.

I am very grateful for any help and would be happy if someone can help me!



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Read dzu times
Accurate description and very easy you can eliminate a constant delay synonymous with AvimuxGui (

Greetings from Marburg


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