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Frage von Mr_Mxlptlk:


I have recently made a DivX / XviD player gained for the living room (with PLUS, the part is called Opera 4801). Unfortunately, it is so that the hastily patched instructions to the Global Theme MPEG-4 only expresses the effect that the device that can somehow ...

That is probably the price that you pay when equipment may cost nothing ... But no preference.

Ok. What eats such a player now? Should the UDF or ISO CDs are encoded burned? And above all: To what container format must DivX / XviD movies available. AVI or MPEG yet?.

Yes, yes. I am a beginner. And these questions were already answered here safely and I'm just too blonde to find them.
Thank you also for your patience and your advice


Antwort von jasmin61:


Perhaps this will help you next??


Antwort von Mr_Mxlptlk:

"jasmin61" wrote: Hi,

Perhaps this will help you next??

Great reading, thank you


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