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Frage von Sybex:
April 2009


I have several upcoming films (both 1 hr) in convert FLV (480x360)

Had previously with the Adobe Media Encoder made of - at 350kbps.

But quality is synonymous with the line.
The video will be streamed - in large part.

What do I need to know how can I get the perfect quality for the video rausholen? It should not make blocks, but not synonymous consume too much traffic.

Thank you for your help!

Antwort von Basti27:



Antwort von Sybex:

But I can not cope with the 1000kbits - for several 100 videos (each 1 hr) beyond the traffic of the stream server ...

Antwort von Enno Winde:


It is indeed based s.wie the film to be shown.
Is it just a Window Embed or do you want the user looks fullscreen.
in the following example, I have a size of 360x264 VBR and 600 Kbit / sec. and it is still synonymous in fullscreen halfway in order.

Antwort von Sybex:

the user should the videos later synonymous in fullscreen can watch.

My results are all nichz satisfactory.

Bin synonymous s.and to have gone on 1000kbits high - but that is beyond the traffic of over 500 hours of material.

Maxdome example, how does it work? Which Resolution? How many Kb?

We have only 1 hours with 350kbits expected - but hopelessly bad!

Antwort von Enno Winde:

MAXDOME works with wmv codec. Here is a quote from www.maxdome.de

Compression rate
Under compression ratio is the ratio between the size of the compressed file and the uncompressed original file. Meaning and purpose of data compression or data compression is to minimize s.Speicherbedarf. The difference between data compression and data reduction is easily explained: When a compression the compressed data suffer no loss of quality, with a reduction will not be observable parts of the file is deleted. In principle, one can say: The lower the compression ratio, the greater the required bandwidth. By using the WMV codec maxdome reached a sufficient data compression, with consistent quality to ensure a fluid stream. Access to maxdome offer is only available on the Internet Explorer, with Windows Media player is already embedded. Now, you only one thing: Relax and enjoy, not a laborious path to the video or DVD rental, instead, around the clock available movie highlights and popular comedy series and the latest movies from Hollywood! BTW: When maxdome, the bandwidth check cars. This ensures that you meet your DSL variant always the optimum data s.Picture and sound when streaming information received and you do not have to worry about the compression ratio to make.

350 n.sind synonymous with little. In addition, Maxdome and Co. so synonymous other servers behind it, which is much more bandwidth in the upload and did so with more durchpasst. The example which I've shown you is about NEN-standard server and as I said is quite ok.
In the attached picture the setting in Adobe Premiere to export.
zum Bild

Wir arbeiten synonymous eng with Shortstream zusammen and bereiten denen das Material für Streaming Projekte auf and da läuft alles über wmv-Codec and 1200er Bitrate. Guckst du hier: www.shortstream.eu

Antwort von Pianist:

"Sybex" wrote:
We have only 1 hours with 350kbits expected - but hopelessly bad!

Which codec? Sorenson Spark Pro, or the (expensive) ON2VP6? The really worthwhile because you can reach with a much lower data rate a much better quality.


Antwort von pixelclipper:

ON2VP6 with 700kb but brings a really good quality, something called HQ for youtube the same because there was no more salad is pixels ;-)

If you have a certain quality you need to do in 1 hour film length synonymous the data quantity schedule. The compress is now time not endless.

What does it mean for streaming to a large frame?
To correct the public over the Internet?

If in such a case, a platform like Vimeo is not the right one?
You or your rents for the period in accordance with powerful server ...

Offers hosting with unlimited traffic, there are indeed synonymous, but as I said ... it depends s.was you in "large scale" understand.

I have Included my ISP Traffic (almost ¬ 9 per month) have been synonymous to 12TB up ... went smoothly ;-)

Antwort von Sybex:

So we Computing with approximately 5000/10000 pay user.

we make about the company:
the 1000 Packet

Now we have tried over XviD in mp4 to be attributed ...

but once we go down to 350kbits - no longer view.

Previously, we have worked with this H.264 - then VP6 then Soerensoon (what nameless ...)

Nothing brings us fully and completely to success! : (

Antwort von Pianist:

"Sybex" wrote:
Previously, we have worked with this H.264 - then VP6 then Soerensoon (what nameless ...)

Well, without the second O sees it better ... :-)

One I do not understand: You say that it was just the h.264, then ON2VP6 and then tried Sorenson Spark Pro. This sequence surprised me, because the ON2VP6 significantly better than the Spark Pro. You continue to say: It is a data rate of about 350 kbit / s and a size of 480 times 360 pixels, but with the possibility that people are the magnified view can be synonymous.

I maintain times: If you consistently clean and has the raw material is good and no other reasons for the deterioration of image quality available, then you should at least with the ON2VP6 at 350 kbit / s and the size 480 times 360 pixels, a reasonable quality target. Who is then enlarged to full and adequate distance to the monitor believes, should also be satisfied.


Antwort von Sybex:

Source material is of a DVD with Edius ProCoder to AVI DV

I'm new in the area, so have tried everything.

We have a small window in an acceptable quality, only once in the fullscreen mode is it's horrible! Verpixelt until it no longer.

480x360 at 350kbits with the ON2VP6.

The problem is, I do not understand how I had to be - or is the purity test? Even if we make it bigger, it is not satisfactory.

Antwort von tommyb:

With a 480x360 MUST Resolutionvon it look horrible, if it is enlarged.

In general, in your case, via the processing of Avisynth. This means that DVD is dubbed, and demuxt by DGindex analyzed. The resulting d2v file is embedded in Avisynth. Then, using script in Avisynth plugins and download the material deinterlaced (if necessary), entrauscht (should already be stronger) and runterskaliert.

The resulting AVS file you can for example in FlixPro of On2 and in open mode 2pass to encode an FLV file. It is however rather s.nicht necessarily with a fixed bit rate to work but with quality settings (eg 80%). Then, more complex films slightly larger, easier to consume compressed movies not too much bitrate. Only can the size of the files no longer control.

Otherwise, it just h264, since VP6 compress absolutely not efficient in comparison to.

Antwort von nachtspion:

I wonder synonymous just like you want to do it, that a video with the Ausgansmaterial of 480x360 pixels in a bitrate of 350Kbs, on a monitor with 1280x800 pixels, for example, without blocks is displayed.

If you really can do is write it here as necessarily pure. But I think as long I can wade.

Antwort von Sybex:

long wade? ;)

It is more likely to reach kbits rate - too much kbits - explode because the traffic cost.

Document but once the race of tommyb try it! Thanks;)

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