Infoseite // Accelerated playback of individual sequences within the film

Frage von Carolin:

I edit straight and want to burn a movie so to speak, as when a small section of streaming videos in fast-forward or later as synonymous.
How can I change the speed of individual scenes? Love GRüße Carolin


Antwort von Bruce:

Hello Carolin

I think (if I correctly understood your question, select) Video scene, then "Shift. + Y" (or simply right click, video effects), then the "Play Speed" at 4 if you like the scene very quickly and then confirm with "OK" Voila ....

Hope I could help

Lg Bruce


Antwort von prem:

Super, thank you, somehow I've always been wrong ... has helped me!


Antwort von A380:

Good evening from Bremen,

Separate ...... but do not forget Picture and sound. Otherwise you're limited with the acceleration of bad.

mfg A380


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