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new here so do not be upset if the question has often been.
Have Canon HF200.

Standard laptop. However, power can cut smoothly Director 8, the AVCHD video, etc.
But when I export (; to mpeg2 for 1920 to 1080, or 1080 times ...) then I'm in motion as beams in the Picture.
So the things that oblong forgiven and move it caused nothing but small. In Stillimage everything looks fine

Give it back with VLC. In 720i I have the problem ned. But it's just looks qualitatively not so great.

Please help me, because PowerDirector Progi is the only one where I can cut smoothly.


Antwort von domain:

Look here for


Antwort von JohnnyZombie:


.. I thank think those stripes are interlaced ... only they look at my little gross.
In the preview window in PowerDirector can not be seen too.
Only after export with vlc player.
When we went synonymous with stripes premiere high resolution without the jerky ... but when it cut like that.
Somehow this must still be solved. Because PowerDirector is the only one who is working smoothly.



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