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Frage von Stelzi:

Now I've pretty much anything durchgesucht which somehow seemed useful but unfortunately found nothing that would indicate there was already a thread regarding my problem, so forgive me, but the work leaves me sleeping ;-)

So I got the following problem: Premiere Pro CS4, Video and Soundtrack of 2 cameras, one of them is disabled, and also of the whole event to another mitschnitt on CD on which only the sound of the mics and the music are, the camera is on track Of course Puplikum etc. there. Now I would like the soundtrack of the camera is not completely clear, because otherwise sound decision ****. Only through them will be just between a low, ie, the level of the audio recording will remain constant, but the level of the soundtrack of the camera is to be changed, and that quite often, and partly just for 5sec!
Gibts there any Effect? I've tried to cut the soundtrack to the camera and apply a volume correction to the area, but because I needed some kind FadeIn / out, but I find absolutely nothing about this ...

I hope I can help ;-)



Antwort von srone:

keyframes set, is to click on an audio level standard clip in effect cs4, and taking effect settings look.

Moreover synonymous help every now and again a look at the manual




Antwort von Stelzi:

Thank you, and now goes to create the next happy, sometimes I stop to see the forest for the trees ... sorry!

That with the manual is so ne sache, let's say this: It's nonexistent nich ;-)



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