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Adobe After Effects: Bin totaler Anfänger und suche Tuts

Adobe After Effects: Bin total Beginners and search Tuts

Frage von Blackeagle123:
September 2005

Hello slashcam community,

I have a demo version of After Effects, Combustion, and one demo version! I think After Effects is constructed by using more like Avid ...!?
Since I'm used to more Adobe Premiere (cut with) the 6.5 version and many plugins, I come in with mom AE can not handle at all!
Have now been googled, but found nothing useful ... And if, just what English!
I really wanted to buy for the demo version erstmal not a Book!

Vielleciht one of you has even a hint of a website, with tutorials or something in German, for real Beginners ... So I come in time to the program a little bit! Because I did not create me, auszukeyen a blue screen ...

Schonmal love greetings and thank you!

Antwort von Jörg:

download here in the 2004 shooting the basics and new features.
The other help not next.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von GhostDog:

is the warmest official "Classroom in a Book" Book Of Adobe Press Recommend (there's synonymous to German times ... just look at Amazon). Is one big tutorial in which we as a sort of TV show zusammenbastelt intro. Everything is great and if you said s.end you look at the finished clip is downright surprised and asks: Boah, and I'm really self handicrafts?
In short, this book may be only once while going through and replacing synonymous guaranteed no reference to After Effects, but it helps a great experience to be a success with this program!

Antwort von Miki:

me here and I want to help each synonymous help someone
if you then give me your address I can send you a DVD for learning to After Effect
Of course nothing but I only have to learn After Effect 5.5 DVD
Email martini1305@msn.com

Antwort von Markus:

Can the warmest official "Classroom in a Book" Book Of Adobe Press Recommended ...

Hi Constantin,

this book I can recommend synonymous, synonymous when it is slightly more expensive (I've used mine at Amazon) purchased. AE is any software that can be learned intuitively. Even the said book is not all-encompassing reference work, but it provides the necessary basic knowledge and thus facilitates the playful learning about new areas ...


Antwort von GhostDog:

Here you can get it for free for the 6 Series in PDF format:

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hallo, also erstmal huge thank you! The pages are really great! Especially that of George, of the Digital Cut Fair!

I wonder, but still, at the basic entry-synonymous, what exactly is the meaning of AE ... So I edit my videos so before? So I make the better quality etc, or I'm really after the premiere-cut?
Because if I were a transition (let's say it's a soft aperture) in the film did, and wants to have a color effect only in the one video (let's say a video) and video B to fade, with no color effect, as I do this in AE?
Or you can cut synonymous in AU, so the beginning and end of a video and set to determine a transition in between?
(Is there only filters and effects for video, or synonymous transitions?)

Schonmal Thanks!
Love Greetings

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Constantin,

AE is a compositing software, that is responsible for special effects, which can not be realized only with Premiere or significant effort. Examples of typical areas of AE: Image stabilization by an object (motion tracker), animated text (such as changing the kerning), running time-code insertion, etc.

Such dishes are prepared in AE and then use Premiere incorporated into the film. So organized is usually the workflow and (probably?) You will edit the film continues with Premiere ... ;-)

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hey Mark ..
Synonymous, I think, yes:)
But I will work on all cases with AE, I still found some tutorials if I can Basics times the principle!
I found a very nice effect, for example, the cloning ... As a zebra, which was cloned to the left of right, and then was synonymous s.einem river and has been drinking. With a bit of time difference that's really cool what you can do so with a video!

Furthermore, I am looking for is currently a program with which you can show them the front s.einem rifle shot explosions! (comparable with Combustion)
But I've downloaded my ne Demo of Combustion, stürtzt permanently off. (Habs now being tested on all 3 PCs and have no desire to test even more next to it was ... n.wodran CPU and RAM, it can not be! Evt graphics card, but no preference!)

Well, vielleciht is synonymous with the AE or with another (professional) program ... The best course, very easy!
With C4d always doing such a thing to me is quite frankly far too costly and the result is only aureichend to unsatisfactory!
So, I'm thankful for every tip!

Love Greetings
(And one more question ... s.Markus How to write about this in slashcam in the forum must slashcam to ... Do you have to admin? Can one be? How do you get to be the?)

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Achso, and nochwas:

I've never been in AE sound synonymous when I import avi one that has the Windows Media Player sound! Even if I get an mp3, wave or other import I have no sound ...

Is this normal for a bug or a setting?

Schonmal Thanks!

Many dear greetings

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Constantin,

the strange behavior of sound in AE is normal. So how can you render a video preview so you can spend an audio preview synonymous. A simultaneous audio -/Videovorschau not to my knowledge possible.

(S.Constantin And another response: Hey, those are equal to three questions at once ... that's really not! ;-) One need not be an admin to edit other contributions. Moderator to be sufficient. I was asked several months ago from the admin, if I wanted to carry out this role and said yes ... written. ;-)

Antwort von MiXMaster:

* Deleted *

Quotes of uncommented all posts and post several times do not really makes sense, right?

Love Greetings
Markus (Moderator)

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