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Adobe After Effects: Layer multiplizieren

Adobe After Effects: multiply layer

Frage von Blackeagle123:
September 2005

I want to multiply in Adobe AE a layer with the underlying ... I would like projecting something on a wall and it will simply look more real! Although I know where you can set the .. But who do I just pick the bottom in the timeline mode where I can set the layer and then at my place "Normal" "Multiply" attitudes, nothing happens! Do I have to choose somewhere still, with what level he is to multiply?

Love Greetings

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

I also looking for something where I can hide just a normal text, alpha channel can turn all the way up ...

I'm grateful for every response!

Love Greetings

Antwort von LuFaHa:

No, I think you nowhere, nor any need to activate something. But the mixed-methods are a not just a trivial task. Even true AE taste gurus partly simply through long until they are satisfied with the outcome. Look first for a quick peek in the help (you should use demo, I do not know if the help file is complete).
Multiply the effect usually makes for a strong darkening of the layer, and a major dominance of the darker layer.
Try once through, and think about how the various effects work (eg, color values are multiplied and divided by 2).
So you could really be sure with the various uses.

To just demands, if you had next to the last detail in an effect / a function of AE like.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


yes, I know by Photoshop ... And I try not synonymous rum ever:)
Also erstmal danke! But my original question was, why it nongovernmental work for me, if I have a text, a picture and want to multiply the text with the Picture? (It is in my tests, not a video, just a jpeg!)

Love Greetings

Antwort von LuFaHa:

Is there no change?
What can you say about the color ratio of the two images? For me it worked on) anhieb (no preference whether video or picture title.
Go for the other modes?
Maybe you'll find something worth looking in the help (for me, I've found nothing that could) help you.

Well, all I know, for Z. synonymous not ...

Good luck still.

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


I now have a video that is made, and it laid a solid color! I turn now to some effect, purely nothing happens! Should I choose anything else? eh ... So just put one of two videos. But we see only the top video. It will not change color or by luminance, etc.

S.verzweifeln Bin: - /

Many dear greetings

Antwort von Jörg:

s.Verzweifeln you? I believe that You are the cause of the false synonymous Page begin. LuFaHa hats even suggested the blend modes are certainly not enter the appropriate point in AE. You simply lack the basic Sachen.Du speak of multiplying, luminance, transparency, alpha channel, turning all the way up ...
But I got the impression that you can begin with these concepts is not really something.
AE is a highly complex program, few have real success after months of work with it. AE requires systematic incorporation.
You put a solid color over a clip, and nichts.Legst are one effect on it, ever happened before nichts.Was is synonymous happen so dolles?
The question is: What do you want to achieve anyway? You write some of them.
Fang with the text. Black solid color, text effect, write something,
change the settings in a variety of palettes, it's really no preference what you do, you will learn this about the surface,
turn s.den parameters of the transformation properties (anchor point, I would not erstmal) change. You can now find the point of opacity synonymous the ability to rotate the "alpha channel all the way up to"
So you work out one success after another. And forget for a while, the forum, the great masters of tutorials in AU, buy yourself reading LernDVDs You have already received tips.
In forums you can get important tips to be very specific questions, a very general instructions for questions by reading the help of the extensive manual are very easy to answer, is not always the top geben.Am single jar file, you "fighters"
Above all let you do not spoil the fun, the effort is worth really, AE is magic ....
magical Greetings Jörg

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


So therefore, I have worked with many other Adobe programs, I already know AE! I learn the really very fast!

Yes, what I want is simply to multiply a layer with the underlying on! More net:) So that a font looks a bit more as if she would stand on such a wall ...

Only when I give it directly to multiply, he sow it in zich tutorials stands, or just doing anything else, purely nothing happens. Nor can I multiply a solid color!

So, I ask again nich about some tips for beginners to AE, but, as you know, how can the "mistake" (? Correct)! But thank you very much!

Love Greetings

Antwort von Jörg:

AE is already known to me!

After your information here in the forum for three days

I learn the really very fast!

because my impression has deceived me well!

So, I ask nich about some tips for beginners to AE,

"UngläubigkopfschüttelndausdemfensterschaumitmüheaufkommendenLachreizbekämpfende" Greetings Jörg

Antwort von LuFaHa:

Dear Constantine,
yes everything is good and beautiful. But so far I have not really understood, nor exactly what you want of us (where we have told you that there is additional activation of the blending modes needed None):

Either you know (eg Photoshop), that should happen, what is "oddly enough, does not arrive," because (you choose your opinion) you or any AE, or having the wrong attitude. In this case, it would be really helpful if you'd give us more information (color of the wall, color of title, level layout, et cetera) ...

... or you're assuming that any defect s.der Engine (very unlikely) is present. Then it would be useful to provide information about program version and system.

Since I assume it behaves as in the former, read this post for me as follows:

You wonder Multiply does not go the way you want it and ask if it is set as anything else, "so we respond to you with" No "(default) it works right away. Because I do not suppose that a technical defect or not you're too stupid to look up right there in the manual, I assumed that it constitutes around colored areas that do not behave when the user selects "Multiply" setting in such a way as you think. That is why I advised you to further explain precisely with each mode. Then you ask again, where the "error" comes.

Admittedly, the situation is completely new to me, because for me everything worked right away (in V 6.5).

So perhaps we can help you, but certainly we will need more information about your project and your goal.
In addition: correctly functioning because the other modes?
Simply drop tests with a "black" and a "white color area" (where ever there is only 2 ways to modes: Either you see only black or only white.

Maybe you'll get's here in the forum or are we still somehow get out, but it would be really helpful to give us more info or to tell us what you've tried everything.

By questioning

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hey Jörg ... sorry!
So I've since put real stupid! I've written so synonymous thank you! Actually, I wrote the whole s.Anfang selbstverwundertbin * *
Since I am just 15 years old now and I just do not buy many of Books and films under the AE can, I have relied on the Internet tutorials. Joa, so I really feel that come with the program pretty fast way around! As you wrote, I know the program well before the last 3 days:)
But I already have so many Effect got done ", ie eigentlichgenau done it that way, what you write! But really just wanted to know how it is with you ... With this multiplication or copy each other, etc. .. So if you have to click the only way I've seen it in the tutorial, and a free video to digital video via the Internet stream show!
So sorry again, was really meant nich angry, please understand nich wrong!

Many dear greetings

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hello everyone,

So the problem has cleared up. It was really just an installation error. I reinstalled Adobe AE us it works perfectly!

Nevertheless s.alle Once again a thank you!

Many dear greetings

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