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Adobe After Effects 7.0 im Test

Adobe After Effects 7.0 in the test

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Januar 2006

Adobe After Effects 7.0 in Test of rob - 18 Jan 2006 22:02:00
> With the new Adobe Production Studio delivers a variety of program updates with. For most of Programs, this means a jump to version 2.0. This includes Premiere Pro 2.0, Encore 2.0, Audition 2.0. After Effects, however, as the top dog in the Motion Design program is waiting with a round 7.0. Here's our test for the new After Effects Professional version.

Antwort von Videotraum:

A short video preview of After Effects 7 is look at the link Day 2nd

Antwort von camworks:

Hello Slashcam,

I think there is a small typo in the review:
"has now received a further help of Adobe, but the Pro version of After efects is withheld from 7.0" should be more likely to "... subject to ..." hot, huh?

Antwort von rob:

Hi Arndt,

True, was actually meant Reserved.

I have to correct it now.



Antwort von MiXMaster:

DVC PRO HD not appear already, but only in the American format, not 25p/50i.
Too bad, hopefully that will come.


Antwort von PowerMac:

In this DVCPROHD I'm skeptical. Adobe is indeed synonymous incorporate too stupid DVCPROHD in PP2.
Whether AfterEffects per synonymous 50i supported?

Antwort von rob:


honestly I can not really imagine that Adobe only American DVCPROHD supported. Granted - in our present version of the European versions with 25p/50i are definitely not included - but that should hopefully be only a matter of time. I'll be there again nachhaken at Adobe, whether there is a timetable ...

We will soon be synonymous with a little luck can test of the Panasonic HVX 200. These then are synonymous tests in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Let's see what comes out - HD, if no preference should be really too important as HDV or DVCPRO HD, not to be of support to Adobe ...

Antwort von PowerMac:

It is not a DVCPRO HD in Premiere Pro 2
Definitely. I sat down with this issue in recent weeks.
Sony Vegas is not supporting it synonymous since competing formats of Panasonic.
The only affordable are Final Cut and Edius.

Antwort von rob:

Hello Powermac,

We will see how the market develops to DVCPRO HD. If our tests come out with the HVX 200, that only a couple a few editing programs support the format, then this is indeed synonymous earnings.

Personally I am very excited to see how the HVX200 footage will look like and who supports and to what extent DVCPROHD.

Kindest regards


Antwort von PowerMac:

There are already tons of test material for weeks.
I suspect that some of Golden Globe winners and people who have written a book on DVX100A have some s.Ahnung.
No, seriously, and dvxuser.com dvinfo.net are probably the best sites on the net on this topic. There was discussed on 50 pages to satisfy that Premiere DVCPROHD will not support the medium term.


Antwort von camworks:

hi, rob

But then tested once synonymous with the Edius workflow in broadcast hvx200.
I'd as the Edius-user and upcoming HVX-interest owner echt mal!

Antwort von rob:

@ powermac:

For Premiere Pro, I've been told anything yet. My comment

"I honestly can not really imagine that Adobe supports only American DVCPROHD Granted. - in our present version of the European versions with 25p/50i are definitely not included - but that should hopefully be only a matter of time. I'll be there again nachhaken at Adobe, whether there is a schedule ... "

referred to the support of DVCPRO HD in After Effects, not in Premiere.

Agree with you fully and completely that dvxuser.com has an excellent forum in matters HVX200.

@ CAMWorks:

Edius we are happy to take our test with the HVX200. However, it will take a while because the HVX is difficult to obtain in Germany remains too.



Antwort von PowerMac:

And already we are agreed.:))

After Effects would be well advised to support DVCPRO HD.
Yes dvxuser.com is great. Because I am already a while on the road. Even Habe eine DVX. The HVX maybe I will soon create for our company.

After all the samples and clips of the HVX can already see from sau gut. How DVX ne ratcheted up and pretty sharp. In addition to the 50 frames and recording features as the Varicam variable frame rate - delicious.

Antwort von ups:

Plays a very stupid question, perhaps more synonymous panic:

The graph editor (map editor) is so pretty, it means
however, that all (!) parameters of a composition only in that
a window are editable? In particular, in various ranges of values
which is quite a mess determined without end!

I hope I have a Aufklappfunktion as in the old AE overlooked ...

Antwort von Enork:

Weis chance one time how much the program cost??

Antwort von waschmitteljunky:

uh ... After Effects 7.0 is long überholft of the new CS3 version.
This CS3 version will cost just ¬ 1500, then has the 7.0 standard version cost ¬ 800 and the Pro version as synonymous as 1500 ¬. But these are all the store deals you get on eBay, etc. The program already much cheaper, but not needed!

Antwort von Enork:

synonymous if the version is outdated anyway thanks for the quick response

ne I just need to make software werbespot nen to ... naja ...

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