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Frage von ponlur:


I try a file from Adobe After Effects into Adobe Premiere Pro 2 to import. However I get the message that

"The Adobe Dynamic Link 'may without Adobe Production Studio will not run.

I have the full version of Adobe Premiere pro 2nd and of the After Effects. I have no idea why this another third party software is needed ... Has anyone already seen such an error?

Please help ....


Antwort von OsunSeyi:

ie. you have once in classical s.rendern
and then this results in app2 import.
gruß cj


Antwort von geht immer noch nicht !:


I try on the Dynamic Link Adobe After Effects Composition "Importing and it shows again and again to:

Adobe Production Studio is required.

I have my files in AAE rendered and there really does everything right, but somehow I can not be transported into APP2 .....

I'm somewhat baffled.
Thanks for your help!


Antwort von Chezus:

You have your answer already in the error message: Adobe Production Studio necessary to say you need the complete package, not just the individual Programs.

Only Prod Studio is the dynamic link here. Afterwards you can not install.

Is it

Go to times because it accurately describes


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