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Adobe Dynamic Link Langsam?

Adobe Dynamic Link Slowly?

Frage von aight8:
März 2011

In AfterFX rendering I've set the preview to 1 / 4 of the pixels. Coming full ranges synonymous and very complex compositions on-thy-fly rendering. Well, I used Adobe Dynamic Link, for a seamless cooperation with Premiere Pro.

As soon as I but my complex composition in Premiere and importing into the draw sequence is very slow. In the AfterFX composition are only some frames and the remaining rimmed jerky video preview.

The processor is not long ausgelasstet, synonymous Ram are not a lot of the 8 gigs occupied.

On what could be the problem?

Antwort von dustdancer:

My crystal ball tells me that you run cs 9 on a C64 with 8.0 DRDOS can ....

man man is how hard it is, a very sensible question to ask, without which we all must errätseln ...

Antwort von aight8:

I do not think it is s.System, but this dynamic link, can render to much or else has NEN bottleneck. Ville layer gibts da ne setting or something I did not comply.

Windows 7, Adobe Premium CS5 / 64bit
Calculator: Quad Core (4 x 2.93 GHz), 8 GB Ram

Antwort von Ian:

I have with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, 12GB i930 and the same problem. The preview in Premiere increase in the Dynamic Link area.

Antwort von dustdancer:

as we now know that you have a reasonably powerful computer (how about the cpu name synonymous yet to write down, since large differences between amd and intel as synonymous between q2q and i5, i7 etc are available), one can now think even more what it could be.
My crystal ball tells me but still not sure whether your "complex" composition with a layer is 10000 lensblures etc, but you can certainly say this is more complex / computationally intensive the composition, more disfluencies it is synonymous with premiere run in dl. It is a wonderful invention, called proxys ...
I have heard that the mysterious proxy to the computer means to remove einwenig expect work since, oh wonder, the effects are said to have pre-rendered ...

have only a short question:
mean that your nick is really appropriate? if I let him read, I get headache because of either ignorance or deliberate knowing if he is chosen with a nausea. I would just once like to know if you aware of the importance are.

Antwort von aight8:

He does say the synonymous normal or have you your days?

I am software developer and her lack of the s.Fachkompetenz me, but I know my software in some cases like this too little with the program, and to ask here is whether this problem is perhaps synonymous with other people.

So, do not write so cool and mysterious, but rather write on which proxy are you referring to, which caches the rendering.

And with my Nick, we leave it now, or dust rag dancer?

Antwort von gekkonier:

In After Effects you can handle with proxies. It would be best because you googel up one time, or are looking for tutorials that you can explain the s.besten. I would bet on Videocopilot & co are definitely something to it.

Antwort von aight8:

Achso I thought is a adobe-external technology. I thank Look

Antwort von Ian:

AE creates the thumbnails with full speed only with PreRender. Since it would be surprising if it were suddenly running with Dynamic Link in PP as a real-time preview.

Antwort von dustdancer:

I do not have my days, nor am I particularly unfriendly, at least i think and I guess it was. if you are software developer, you should actually know are problems to the importance of information. and unfortunately the information back because you think it's a little difficult to help you.
because the word complex, unfortunately does not reveal what it is for a complex composition and the word of any language to be interpreted differently, one can not help you appear.
And if something like this "education resistance" is, after the first demand of information is still with the remains mostly behind the mountain, I have not be of much pleasure after I've already all been important tips that came to me just in the sense be synonymous angepault too. how about just a very sensible question to ask, the people who ask you to help diagnose the issue is ...

you may like my nick translated into German, do not force you to. but when I am in a German forum registration with 88, I give either a statement from'm not particularly long and hard about it, wants to provoke or I'm just plain stupid, very simple. maybe I'm sue synonymous in this a little narrow-minded, but to me it would ever be interested, then something comes up.

Antwort von aight8:

Haha, no aight8 is not for 88 or otherwise for Nazi stuff. Then it would Eight8. Here we are of opinion right? And then you justify the synonymous not abzustempfeln someone a Nazi. Even if I "88" would mean. Just because this number a such a background, had a NUMBER not allowed to use? Then I may use 13 not synonymous. Unlucky number. Haha. Boy oh boy.

"The Eighty-eight (; 88) is the natural number between 87 and 89th it is now."
"In the music stands for HH 88 as a" Hip Hop "."

So, we had the times been clarified.

Sorry for this rather off-topic post, but now had to just be with such a pretty thoughtless contributions.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------
Back relating to:

Yes, the dates are important in times like this I went from completely different because the causes of this problem is because the PC is busy at all so.

Antwort von Jake the rake:

It reaches a plug in your "complex composition," which, for example, no multi-core processing and support you have your "bottle neck".

As always synonymous, I can only give legal and other speakers you had as a software developer, it really synonymous know that as a remote diagnosis is very difficult or impossible ...
Adobe Dynamic Link is in any case per se non-slow ...

Antwort von aight8:

If a plugin would not support multi-core, and the rendering so would be so slow, I do not why the render in AfterFX with 1 / 4 Resolutionmit 15 fps and goes up to real time, and run at Adobe as much as not at all is (where is synonymous fourth resolution Retired).

Sry I have ruled out any computer hardware as the first cause, so here are mentioned not at all times.

[But regardless of the info, you have to pull off here is not equal so ne show like "dusterdancer" and then my nick to call into question. totally ridiculous. ]

Antwort von dustdancer:

the only one who deducts a show here are, if thou be not in a position to make a question, you should not be rude when others have a point on it. if you just a little perhaps the existing grips'd hires that you had the start of "very sensible" information is given.
sys config, as the project is built. effects which I take, etc here you could have a screen shoot from the embed s.projekt etc.

I installed the software windows 7. when I run complex applications, it is slower, what's wrong? - Super wonder, eh? -

but apparently lacks a bit of problems so as to issues of practical experience with ...

synonymous beautiful is it that you others that have a potential to offer work arround ala proxys anpaulst plain stupid. I call gratitude ...

and anyone who chooses a nick that can be interpreted ambiguously, which can be synonymous to ask critical fallen.

much fun to make, or to the shaft. maybe you'll learn at some point yes, how reasonable is a question. otherwise you're going to have to get used s.solche reply ...

Antwort von aight8:

everything you've definitely made clear dusterdancer abgelofenes something to you.

I ask again:
anyone else had this problem? or could someone solve it? had it on my old pc synonymous.

I wanted to noferndiagnose. the demand for the information is not at the point, but on how you do it and THEN on top of that even with my nick and compare the Nazi stuff you have to be obvious. is simply the end eventually ..

Antwort von dustdancer:

I only demand, in what context is your nick, as it should be clear what 88 is. you hemmed and hawed. lollypopwelt in your bright and colorful so it seems to be impossible that one out of 88 -> eight8 on aight8 comes and asks. you would have simply answered that your nick has a fully Coming significant other, but everything would have been good. you'd have to choose your nick thought a little, so you'd have guessed that one could speak up because of this nick, if you're one of those full post. then you plärst around how to question as to your well-to be able to reply that you were indeed a oh so competent professional software developer and you try to spoof or s.schlechten synonymous.
and then go at your next attacks.

I try it once you gripping short factually:

you ask a question without giving the slightest detail that you need to answer that question.

you have a nick, in which one can quite definitely be strictly interpreted what worthy question.

synonymous to ask you give nogenauen info s.deiner effects to hardware and to b) to your project and c) the use of you.

Once you print with around the nick and do as if it knows God as weighing, reinzuinterpretieren since 88 ....

if you do because of sakrasmus because of ill-posed question feel attacked and synonymous never recognize a solution to your problem in sarcasm, see the proxy files, I'm sorry for you. alternate the next time a very sensible question and you will have, at least of my harvest, no sarcasm ...
I am now just jack from this Talkshow now that you've had your 10 minutes.

Oh yes, I have not compared with your nick Nazi stuff ', but asked if he is connected with it. if thou art mighty reading, you can read this, yes, before you step further accusations wide.

Antwort von rotehermi:

funny .... the time I had no net get involved in nem forum for such discussions ......

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