Infoseite // Adobe Encore CS3 all the videos play one after the other? Endaktion?

Frage von HaraldM:


I've just received the following problem:
I make a DVD movie with multiple parts. Now I have two choices per menu:

s.Alle play and b) part select

So if I now s.anklicke, then, all 10 parts are played consecutively, starting with 1, then 2, etc.
When I click to select part, then I get a list with all parts of 1-10 If I choose, for example, Part 2, he returned to s.Ende parts selection jump back and not all play one after another.
What should I do? Because I can only once a Endaktion indicate, is not it?


Antwort von Debonnaire:

Mach ne Playlist (-> help) with all parts in a row. This playlist when you play button "Full Movie" starting. For the chapter you can find the pieces of timelines with the individual clips can be selected. Voilà!


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