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Frage von tiger:

My problem is this:
When import of HD material with the ending and the Wave m2v file, I will crash during import of the m2v file after 98% Encore.
in the Wave File no problems.
For DVD material, I have no problem.
Please help


Antwort von frm:

Since you will still need to give more details such as, for example, resolution, bit rate, etc. .. Framrate
In general, it said to Adobe Encore, mud software, but if you can make a lot of work. I had the most amazing errors with it. Especially if it is even more complex with it.
I hope they finally have baked it in CS5! MNeiner opinion was the 1.5 version of the Most Stable, secure with far fewer features but not from me Stürtz! From then threw CS3 just yet ne insolence in my opinion.

Maybe I have CS5 soon then I will report how it goes with it.



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