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Frage von ellen1:


have the following problem: I have the program Paricle Effect creates an illusion, 10 seconds 250 images. When importing the effect in the program window cut into the premiere, I must each make and Transparent Picture the alpha channel, otherwise the images are not transparent. It takes very long time. I tried all images at once to highlight and transparent recruitment, but this is not possible if all the images are marked.
Is there maybe a trick like the man all at once can make? Or I have the images are not in the correct format (tga format)?

Ellen mfg


Antwort von Jörg:

Hi, as in others, you contribute 6.5 AP write about, I assume that synonymous here this version is meant.
Your Particle export from the TGA in frame sequence, the import in AP is also a sequence that is still not all the 250 images individually but as a sequence. Mark in the opening dialogue the first numbered frame, click the box below "numbered stills to the wars.
Everything as a clip in Project.Unter F9 put you as an alpha channel transparency.
If you are more effects to multiple clips to apply, look at the possibilities of the functional attributes paste (Ctrl Alt T) to the synonymous function of the virtual clips to help with complicated compositions.

Gruß Jörg
Sales of PartIllu. I would wonder very old-fashioned touch in the program and buy it then runterladen.Wenn another shop should be, under the German resellers gibts address.


Antwort von Chiby:

Hi I have just bought Particle Illusion maybe could you give me so a few tips ... in German told I am too stupid and not understand how the program works, can you tell me how I Effects bring in my film?


Antwort von Chris182:

synonymous here is the logical, if synonymous very courageous, that way with the help of the
Handbuches/F1 on the operation of the program for free.
I do not think you are too stupid for the program are, to a maximum of f. ..
well, too little motivation to help themselves.
If you are then targeted techniques have questions ....
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von Waffel:

HI one knows where it is a demo or freeware version of ShowBiz, or another program that I used in my recordings can convert AVI files?


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