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Frage von perlmann:


on my notebook, I installed Adobe Premiere 4.0. The program ran well so far.

Since a few days it no longer starts. I have the "repair attempt" 2 x start (or DVD or from the Control Panel), unfortunately without success.

BEFORE the error had ichg Google Earth 5 installed (previously had 4 installed). Understanding this program or not "steal" any of these resources?

Thank you for a reference


Antwort von MHK:

So if Google Earth is, there should be no resources.

I had now the daily problems in my project to load CS4 at 4:01 after I had updated. After several very lengthy attempt gings then, now it is.

What happens when you, or what does not happen at startup? Can you describe more detail?



Antwort von perlmann:

Hello and thank you for the answer.

Adobe Premiere 4.0 starts with the unverkennlichen lilaroten round-off mask, there s.einen processor to have and that's it, the startup screen disappears and synonymous in the process list is no reference to that premiere because somewhere would have found a place to is einzunisten ;-)

Maybe do I uninstall the whole story and take a fresh installation (which is of course a bit annoying, but what the heck)

Best Regards


Antwort von zaubermaus:

Refresh times your Quicktime version!


Antwort von frm:

Ic had a similar problem with After Effects 4

Leg times a new user s.and shows whether it is there to start. If so then he profiles in your application files / Vista appsdata or destroyed.


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