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Frage von cutterfeld:

Hello together,

I am a newbie what the cutting and everything concerned with it in advance, I ask mercy for ever "simple" question.

I wanted a DVD movie in Adobe Premiere 6.5 in order to import it into a trailer to be cut. On the DVD's MPEG files with Adobe shows me import / file, but not start. Well, I thought then there is s.Kopierschutz the DVD. So I rips this, but exactly the same negative results. What can I do to with the movie-DVD to Adobe to be able to work.

Thank you for your answers!

Daniel (box cutter)


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Daniel,

MPEG2 premiere 6.5 material may not be processed serially. Either you take a different editing software or walking the first MPEG2 video in DV-AVI to.


Antwort von cutterfeld:

Hi Markus,

erstmal vielen dank for the quick reply!

It is not an Mpeg2 file but an Mpeg file.
If I were from the Internet any Mpeg file, I can use it without trouble 6.5er capture. Only the Mpeg file of the DVD, the program garnicht only? Among the video formats from which I select yes, there are synonymous the mpeg format, not the mpeg2, da hast du recht.

From your answer is already the next question to me but I think I already own answer. Probably where I earned convert to DV-AVI a better picture, but my calculator is not likely to grab ...

Liebe Grüße


Antwort von Markus:

"fieldname cutter" wrote: Probably where I earned convert to DV-AVI a better picture ...
Existing compression losses remain synonymous after a decompression to DV-AVI format. But it will be your calculator with the AVI files easier than with the image of groups MPEG2 Compression.

Especially when the PC is performing poorly, it offers a conversion to DV-AVI to MPEG2 because in the background constantly must be the current picture can be calculated. For DV-AVI, it is directly on the hard drive and only needs to be loaded and displayed.

BTW: "MPEG" is just a generic term for all possible variants of MPEG, so you have to specify it further. On a DVD-video is usually a movie in MPEG2 format.

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