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Frage von Zarsten:


I want to edit a few videos of me and I got a buddy of adobe premiere 7th It does seem a bit complex to program.

Hat jemand nen very cheap beginner-tutorial so where it is declared to be really stupid ...

I want so much to just cut synonymous net music store evt paste texts and images to create before or nen guy.

So would be nice if someone nen tutorial is beginner-or Perhaps a recommendation for other simpler programs

Thank you in advance



Antwort von oliver II:

Look on this Page upper left. There, under the forum meters from a word that means "search".
Dadrauf and Tutorial, or Premiere Tut and click enter and enjoy the many links. ;-)


Antwort von MouseCursor:

I would have the version 7 is also a question that - I think - maybe could fit in here. Before I buy this expensive Pprogramm, I have The same is also of borrowed someone. This in the hope that I can cut my order with a DVB-S card in mpg2 format recorded movies. So far I have it trimmed with freeware programs, but wanted to avoid them constantly demux and mux again.
Then came the moment I s.dem Pinnacle 9SE got paid and took the idea to the relatively "simple" cutting rather nice, but the program is terribly unstable, so I wanted to look around for others. I also found the program guide is not entirely successful.
So I was hoping that I do with a slightly older version of Premiere trying times, the brand new because I can not anyway to get my calculator to run (AMD XP 3200).

Long story short, now to my question:
I installed the program and tried to import the movies, but the Prog reports that it can start with nothing apparently the audio format. Do I need to convert the format mpg2 somehow to import the movie to be here or have I misunderstood something? That's what I really wanted to avoid, because then I could not use Premiere for my purposes.
Maybe someone knows the Council?


Antwort von chris89:

hi leute,
can therefore premiere in the normal state of my knowledge only after
encode avi files. for mpeg you will need a plug-in and the costs.

to the original question:
but please tell me what the program once you have exactly:
1: adobe after effects 7.0
2: Adobe Premiere 2.0

For Adobe Premiere 7.0 does not exist.
MfG Chris


Antwort von Markus:

With Adobe Premiere 7.0, some people think Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0. Premiere 6.5 was the precursor and then came Pro, so were one next 7th ;-)

I've just moved the thread synonymous times in the right category.


Antwort von MouseCursor:

Of the tool I used is, according to Information "Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0. When I try the update for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 installed, it reports - logically (?) - That this is not the right update version, since it after the 1.0 folder ".... .. " tries, is still with me in the title bar "Pro". According to Wikipedia, this is supposed to (almost?) To be identical with the version 1.0 has been released but earlier than this, and under a different label - I think to understand. Why, only the programmer knows well.

Quote from Wikipedia: "To underline this claim in marketing, has been renamed Premiere s.der version 7.0 in Premiere Pro 1.0, the latest version of Premiere Pro 2.0 thus corresponds to Premiere 8.0."


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