Infoseite // Adobe Premiere 7 jerky

Frage von XXX:

Hello my jerky in the preview window and the picture only the sound is smooth

Hab AM $ 64 3500
DDR 400 Dual Channel 2x512
Nvideo 7600GT 256 DDR
and another 20 GB on my 80 GB system partition free

Sunday is now to my question there is a possibility that is bucking wegzumachen or the s.meinem PC (listed too little RAM)
Does Adobe Premier smooth if I take 6 or lower?


Antwort von Bousquet:

So if you are just a few short clips in your timeline geschnitten searched and they are not just available in HD and your Composer Picture jerky, agrees with something your not premiere. If you have any effects applied or searched kilometers timeline did exist, I would render times:). ...... Otherwise no idea. Test times with premiere pro if you have the opportunity to do.


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