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Frage von Alex0605:

Hi, I have downloaded the demo of elements 2, the program is s.sich really great.
But I've got a problem, and although I wish of my sony videocam DCR-DVD203E edit the videos with it!

And without coding as much attention and forth!
On the homepage of Adobe I've read the elements 2 of the videos dvd camcorders can directly edit, so I tried it, and lo and behold, it works.

The problem was I still looks like I have the movies at 16:9 ale rotated, and if I start from elements now have a new project, and to adapt to PAL 16:9, he shows me the preview window synonymous in 16: ) to, but once I pull the video on the timeline, play and leave, right and left beams are black, as it is the video in 4:3, "pressed", but I do not understand why, because I do so directly without any processing considered as a vob of the cam did!?

can someone please help me because next?

PS it is worthwhile to buy even Elements 2, or should I wait till elements 3 is coming?

thank you in advance


Antwort von wils:

Simple again at the start of the project settings to "widescreen". See synonymous here.




Antwort von Alex0605:

I had never done it all;)
But as I said, the preview window then was 16:9, the film did not!
But rausgefunden for eternal rumsuchen how it works!
You have to click in the window borrowing of elements with the right mouse button on the video, and because there is a next setting, where you can switch to 16:9, and then gehts wunderbar!


Antwort von Alex0605:

Anybody here know how I randomly after the installation of the element can convert English to German?


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