Infoseite // Adobe Premiere Elements 4 - crossfades have red rectangles!

Frage von phusi:

When I insert crossfades, the clips are overlaid but there is then synonymous countless red rectangles. It looks as if about to run red color.

Have read in the Adobe forum that someone has the same problem, unfortunately, was not a solution of Adobe posted.

Has anyone of you have the same problems?


Antwort von Markus:

That sounds so, when would you hochkomprimierte Videos (perhaps with your own color schemes?) Intersect.

But this is only a rough speculation, because my crystal ball is currently in service and you


Antwort von phusi:

Sorry sorry:)

So, processing MPEG-2 files in 1440x1080 quality. Use the JVC GZ-HD7 which the files in a new format. DEATH stores (hope that is not a bad omen).

With the included software CyperLink BDSolution, can I change the files in MPEG-2 format.

Have Elements plus Adobe Premiere 4.0 or Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Pros in use. This can be done. Importing TOD files. Because I have red spots in the crossfades not.

What has struck me yet. The red spots appear most often when I use the crossfade center.

Thank you and warm regards, phusi


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